Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet again...

..the diamond kitty has been dug into and emptied. Yet again!

Yet again it has been wiped off completely clean to buy those electronics that I just cannot desist. Did you notice the 's' at the end of electronic in the previous sentence? Yup, its not one but 2 things that has been bought. But yay!! I'm so happy and excited about it!! I just can't wait to hold it in my hands and just feel it. can stop those dirty thoughts right there!!

A cousin of mine is coming in early May from the U S of A and I asked him to carry this lovely camera as well as an excellent wireless router for me. Thanks a ton Pankaj!! I'm counting days to his arrival so eagerly that I can't just describe! Yeah I'm being a meanie sister and waiting more for my camera than for him. But at least I'm truthful about it so do give me those brownie points!

I was swaying between this Canon SX100 model and Canon SD1100IS model. They both looked pretty good to me. But each had few pluses and few minuses. SX100 was a bigger, heavier camera whereas the SD1100 was much smaller and compact. But then liked the 10x optical zoom in SX100 as compared to the 3x in SD1100. I liked the fact that there are manual controls in SX100 which I can play around but I liked the pre-loaded settings in SD1100. But in the end I gave away to this black beauty i.e SX100. Isn't it so sexy?

While he was at it, I asked him order a nice wireless router for me. Since he is pro at networking and et al, I left him to choose the model. And from what he says, its one awesome model. So no more tripping over netwrk cable, no more entangling of wires and I can just sit about anywhere and work on my lappy!

By the way, did I tell you I got a lappy in Jan this year? I did not?? How did I miss this big news?? Anyhow, its a Gateway model. Don't remember the model number but it has super duper specs. It came loaded with Vista. And I just love it. It was a gift from Hubby! So he kind of made up for all these years when he didn't get me anything for birthday or anniversary. Thanks chhona!


  1. Cooooooool. So now you can click some more nice pics and write the blog using your new laptop.... "Thansk Chhona" Do you know tamil?

  2. Joy: No..I don't know tamil. Why do you ask? Chhona is used to refer to a loved one.

  3. Cool. Now you can indulge in both your hobbies and indulge us too while you're at it..:-)

  4. Get 'snapping' soon! Have fun

    K 3

  5. Thats great! Congratulations..can I send my hubby across to yours for some lessons on gifting!!

  6. JLT: It sure is an indulgence to buy this sexy camera :D

    Monika: Don't jinx it yaar! Its the first time he has actually got me something in these 8 years!!

  7. FINALLY I READ YOUR POST !! Was planning to read it since 3 days..and now i know its not only the camera but router too...:) when do we see first pic f5rom the cam ????

  8. I just bumped into your blog (you don't know me and vice versa) and noticed 'Chhona'. That's my name too at home and from what I remember there was a poem that I read when I was very small, in which there was a line which went like "khel rahe the chhone" with chhona referring to little dear(the animal). It's just that I was very small then and I only have a vague memory of this poem. So I was just wondering if you came across it in a poem too? :) (Ah, and why do you think it means a loved one?)

  9. @lifetotaller: Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    I don't remember reading this word in print any time. I've heard this word being used by our Ma for us umpteen umber of times when we were kids and I really liked it. Its a word which oozes with love and affection and that's why I sue it. Its actually a derivation from the word "sona' which is again used to call a loved one.