Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where am I?

Right here. On Earth. In India. In New Delhi. :)

I've the same excuse which I've been giving every now and then for not blogging and nor not reading any of you. And the excuse is "Office is HECTIC". But then its true.

Whatever little time I've besides slogging at office I spend that time with Betu, making him practice some number writing and number names writing. And the rest I try and read a bit. And yeah..I am also learning Jive these days. So another 2 hrs in a week gone.

I'm trying to get back here and have loads to talk about. Trust me. I will be here soon. Very soon.

And those of you who thought I was pregnant after reading this post, no..I ain't. So stop jumping around in excitement and just calm down. I will tell you when I'm upfront. No guessing games for me :)