Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whats for lunch today?

Before hubby left for work today I asked him what he wants for lunch. He said some yummy paav bhaaji would be great. I said super and waved him goodbye. For me deciding what to cook for lunch or dinner is such a task so if someone tells me what they want to eat, it makes my life so much easier.

Around 12 when I actually got to preparing for the paav bhaji, I realised I do not have any tomatoes. Waited for 30 mins for ani suzi waala to pass by the house but there was none in sight. And it was way too hot to step outside with Betu in tow just to buy tomatoes. So the plan for Paav Bhaji was canceled right there and then. But now the questions was what to make? Neither of us wanted to have the regular daal-roti-subzi. And then suddenly it struck me that I can make some pasta. I had all the veggies needed and ready made pasta sauce from Cremica in my fridge too.

And when I told Anirudh I'm making pasta, he would come every 2 minutes to ask me "Ho gaya? Ban gaya pasta?" (Is it done? Pasta is ready?) :D

So while the pasta was put to boil, I quickly diced the veggies, cooked them in little butter and then added the ready made sauce. Once the pasta was all cooked, I tossed it around in the veggies, grated some cheese and lo and behold! Some yummy pasta was ready to dig into!

Here is the pic that clicked of it beforeit was gobbled up by the three of us:

Usually Betu likes to have macaroni but this time I used the fusili from the Spigadora brand. So what did you guys eat for lunch today?


  1. i cud smell ur preparation from here in madras. [:)]

    i had meals at the andhra mess. Unlimited food! [:P]

  2. I had rice, tomato rasam and home made poppadams (from India). But your lunch looks and tastes yummy.

  3. ooh I forgot to have lunch today :-(

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  5. The pic of your pasta looks tempting.
    Try scraping mozarella on top and then pop into the micro- you get the gooey cheese texture.
    For lunch I had rice and ripe mango pachadi (a Kerala dish)

  6. its just 12:30 and inspite of the heavy breakfast you made me hungry, you wicked girl lol! I feel like eating that picture of yours now!

  7. It looks so yummy!
    For us it's the same rice and curry.

  8. it looks yummazing !!!!

    glad you dropped the pav bhaji...

    lunch was a suprise at a pretty lil place!!!

  9. i have left-over chili chicken & fried rice... and some biryani... and tiramisu! :D
    i louuuvvveee pasta! :D)

  10. recipe pliss!
    I am about to eat minestrone and then blueberries + yogurt!

  11. You make Betu's days grand, dont you? Alphabet soup, pasta, wow! Nice work, NM

  12. ooooh...pasta! the ultimate comfort food!!
    my lunch was a tofu stir fry...but now i crave pasta :D

  13. Cancelling the dabba lunch and going out for some pasta post one such pic daily and you'l have your entire list of readers complaining of weight issues :P
    This looks good :)

  14. CrazyBugga: Wow! I love food at Andhra Bhawan mess! In fact last week I was telling hubby to go for lunch.dinner there.

    Shobana: Rice and Rasam..yummm..its been ages since I ate that.

    Stone: How can anyone forget to eat lunch????!!!!

    MaterialMom: Whats mango pachadi?
    Give me the recipe pls. It sounds ineresting.

    GazaL: Hubby wasn't very pleased that I didn't make his paav-bhaji but he did like the pasta.

    Rayshama: Tiramisu!!! drool...

    Dotmom: Like I said no recipe. I have written how I prepared it.

    Meira: hahaha..I guess I should put a disclaimer with each of such food posts of mine ;o)