Friday, April 4, 2008

I got a flat!

Its not the where-you-can-live-in flat but as in a flat tyre. Right in the morning when we were almost all ready to leave the house, hubby told me my car has a flat . And of all the days it had to happen today. When I had made so much effort to get ready earlier than usual as I wanted to reach office early, and I had to get my tank filled up and air checked on the wheels as well, I had to get a flat the very same day!! Darn!!

Anyhow, hubby and myself together worked to change it quickly. and we were done with it in 15 min. And all the time I was thinking of you DotMom! Yes you..coz yesterday I was sympathising with you about you having a flat tyre and today I need those sympathies extended back to me :D

Thankfully its weekend and I don't have to rush to get it the flat one repaired today itself. I can do it tomorrow.

But we did get 5 min late to Betu's school because of all this and the school gates were locked by the time we reached at 8:35 AM. Luckily the guard was around and he opened it up for us along with a strict warning that he won't open it up again if we got late starting from Monday. Yes boss!

~Edited to add: Just spoke with hubby about 30 min ago and what I heard left me dumbstruck for a while. He got a flat tyre too today. He saw it just as he was about to go for a meeting. *rolling my eyes* Some days are just bad....


  1. Oops I wonder how will i be ountual when Aryan starts school :(

  2. You must be having fear of school watchman more than that of our boss.

  3. hehe I remember those guards!! :D

  4. I like what you are doing with your sons blog. Sending your child to school is traumatic. My own will be off to college in a few months and I simply cant think about it. And my son is 16!!!!

  5. I was taught to change tyres,while i was learning how to drive by hubby! !

    i even know how to open the car using a scale,when you lock the keys inside!!!!
    you wont believe,I was the talk of the neighbourhood!!!

    these new age cars,with autocops have put me out of business!!!

    bad things happen to good people on bad days!!!!

  6. aww... but at least the guard was nice on a bad day... :)

  7. dang! looks like there is a ug going around giving people flat tires! Glad you had hubby to help you!! But the poor guy got a flat tire too later! What an ODD co-incidence! Did you know what caused the tires to go flat?

  8. Abhishek: Yeha I guess so :D

    Material Mom: Thanks! It gives me some kind of a consolation :P

    Gazal: Even I can do that..I mean open cars using a scale..have done n number of times :D

    Rayshama: Yeah..thats one positive point!

    Dotmom: Seriously! I don't know what caused it..will know when I go to get it repaired tomorrow. Hubby said the mechanic found 6 holes in his tube!!