Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 things that I do

I was passed on a tag by Shakti where she wants me to write down the first 5 thing that I do after I reach home. Be it from office, shopping, outing...just anything. I guess I do different things depending on from where I'm coming back from. For e.g the first thing I do after I come home after attending parties or weddings is to take off my heels! :D So I guess let me talk about my daily routine of 5 days in a week which I do after I come back from work.
  • Dump all the bags, my office bag, betu's school bag, his daycare bag and the bag of milk which we buy on our way home every evening on to the table in the living room. I prefer to take out everything in one go so that I don't have to make another round to the car irrespective of the fact that I park my car right in front of our house and we are on ground floor :D

  • I take out my lunch box from my office bag and put it in the kitchen sink to be washed.

  • Then I come and sit with Betu and cuddle him while we are sitting on the couch.

  • Then we both go and look for something to nibble on in the kitchen.

  • Then we both take off our shoes and just chillax!
When I got this tag I piece of cake it will be to do this one! But only while doing the tag I realised that all these things have become such a regular routine that I do it all unconsciously. I had to really think hard of the things that I do when I come back home.

So now to tag 3 people...hmm.... Stone, Swati & Suma. Come on, now tell me about your routine.


  1. hey...will d it in a while..i come and go so often..i have to think :)

  2. @@Swati -- thats not EASY :-(

    1) Change clothes
    2) Wash my hands.
    3) Switch on TV, my default channel is ESPN :-), shuffle ard to see anything interesting happening in world of sports.
    4)Put TV on mute.Turn on music.
    5) and then I read newspaper :-)