Monday, April 14, 2008

Horrifying story of polygamist sect!

This is the most horrifying story I have heard of in todays world. We keep hearing of harassment of women in India but this far exceeds any kind of harassment that I've ever come across. Its not just harassment...its pure cold blooded torture in my eyes!! And it still hasn't sunk in that this was for real! Read about it here.

I just cannot get myself to believe that such people still exist in todays world who are much worse than those cannibals. I am so filled with rage and shock. My head is spinning after reading the article and I just can't write anymore about it.


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  2. Yes - it is heinous exploitation and moreso because it is happening in a developed country where women are considered nearly an equal to man (still not entirely though - from what i can see & hear). The root culprits in America - the Mormons - were always looked down upon for their polygamy and in today's world are reduced to being a butt of jokes in the politically correct america. Its another matter that these cults are now being cracked-down upon because their once-political backers (also followers themselves) have lost their political power due to death or changing voter landscape. Also, this resulted because a very large majority of women are empowered in America today - a departure from the 60s & the 70s american households.

    But why are we already rejoicing on just a few truck load of women becoming free of their tormenters? What about those millions of women and girls living the same fate in the Middle-East, Saudi Arabia, Africa, interior of China, India and South East Asia etc. They have been living a similar morbid fate for longer than 4-5 centuries and will continue dying silently before anyone takes up their case.

    What more, you will be surprised by how close this experience is being lived in our own locality. I have witnessed how enjoyable it is even to so-called highly-educated and civilized men to dominate their women - all in the name of culture, family honor and society.

    Our homes see such tales of agony and suffering everyday but we do nothing about it...

  3. oh yes, the horror! and right here in TX that too!

  4. Manasi: Yes..there are millions more to be rescued. But what I found more gruesome was that the mothers were not even allowed to tend to their children or to love them, cuddle them or kiss them. So you can easily imagine how nonchalant or unattached must those supposedly father would be to their kids. I am sure even if those women in middle east or India are oppressed but atleast this won't be happening here.

    I know there is no comparison of what degree of harassment or torture is being inflicted. A torture is a torture.