Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have just returned after meeting him after his school got over. He was smiling and was happy. That makes me VERY happy.

And what a brat he is. He complained to me "Pata nahi saare bachhe kyun rote rahte hain. Main to nahi rota!" (Don't know why the other kids keep crying. I don't cry.) I wanted him to give one swat on his bums and tell him "If you don't cry than what was that you did in the morning. Why did you cry so bad that tore my heart?". But of course I didn't say any of those things to him and just hugged him and gave him kicchis (kisses) on his gallus (cheeks).

Then the van driver, who will be dropping him off to the daycare, took over and made him stand in the queue of the children who go in his van.

Must say it was utter chaos there. Children were running haywire..not really but trying to. And the teachers were trying to hold them. Parents were pushing in to reach their children. Kids started to cry once they saw their parents. It was a total madhouse. For a moment me and hubby were wondering if this is the way, its going to be for the children going back by van pickup, we have to think of some other means of sending him to his daycare after school.

The teachers themselves were going bonkers but were holding on. One of the parents, whose daughter is in the same class and van as Anirudh's told us that its just initial days chaos. She said so from her experience since her older son also studies in the same school and she has seen things smoothen out after 3-4 days.

One of the van driver's was literally pulling the kids that were from his van and I shouted at him not to. And I wonder if they behave like this when parents are not around. Since we were around today, his van driver was being nice and careful. But I will do a surprise check on him. Maybe tomorrow itself.

Anyhow, things have started to look brighter. Rest of the update when I speak with Betu in the evening after I pick him up from his daycare :)


  1. So good to know that he was happy when you picked him up. And you are strong enough! :)

  2. i have a lot to learn from this blog :-)


  3. HE MADE IT!!!


    Or should I say you made it! ;) Glad that things are turning around ...

  4. yep, surprise check on the driver would be good - hope it all settles in a day or two :-)

  5. Glad he enjoyed the school. Its a good idea to check on the van situation. It sounded like a big chaos.

  6. Now you are on 2-3 blogrolls I read regularly So I am very sure i know you in real life.But still trying to figure out from your blog .please help me :-(

  7. @all: Yes..things are looking better. I guess they were not-great more for me rather than for him. :P

    Lost on the street: Now you statement is surely making me curious. So which blogs did you find me linked on that you read regularly?

  8. Notunma's for one!!!

  9. i'm so glad that he is happy...and hope you settle well too...all te best...:)

  10. sigh, we cry when we go to school, we cry when we get out... we really dont have a clue of what we really want :|

  11. manuscrypts: What you said applies to almost every sphere of life :)

    Roop: Yes I did. And it was all fine.