Friday, April 25, 2008


Over the years I have come across various kind of drivers. Each has a particular characteristic of their own. Well, on the whole we can separate drivers into the software kinds and those as in the humans drivers who drive vehicles. I'm talking about the latter kinds. The us humans, who themselves have so many further species of drivers.

So lets start listing these variety of species that I have encountered:
  • There are the kinds who have their hand limply hanging out of the window. I wonder if the hand has become unconscious because of the lack of oxygen and because of that reason they hang it outside for it to breathe in some fresh air. I wonder...

  • Then there is another variation of the above variety. But then their hand is 'resting' on the window ledge. I guess they are trying to give their hand a break from all the driving. But then how do they give rest to the other hand? I wonder...

  • Another species is of the ones who sit slightly tilted with their backs towards the car door. Such variety is mostly found in taxi drivers. since they anyways do not care about other vehicles on the road, its better to have your back towards them. Right? :D

  • Then there is another specie which sits right at the edge of their seats with both hands on the steering. I have always wondered what must be going on in their mind to be sitting in such a position? It sometimes feels as if they are so scared to be driving and trying to somehow reach their destination unscathed :P

  • And recently I came across this very amazing specie of a driver who would alternate looking from the windshield to the rear view mirror every other second. So one second he would be looking in the front and the other second he would be looking at his rear view mirror. It almost looked like a clocks pendulum swaying from one end to the other :D
So these are the species that I have seen myself. I can further add the drivers as their driving style. Some are driving as if they are out for a leisurely stroll and some are driving as if they are in a race and they zig zag into the traffic like a mad man!

It reminds me of an incident where this guy was honking away at me to give him side to go ahead. I got pretty angry since there was so much traffic that I couldn't have given him any space at all. So when he was next to my window I shouted at him that you should drive a plane and not a car. He responded back saying "I'm a commercial pilot" thinking he will snub me off by that. Poor chap, he didn't know me well :D I told him that "I hope you know that right now you are driving a car and not a plane" and also told him then he should just stick to planes since he is surely bad at driving on the roads and then I zipped off leaving him totally zapped :D

I'm sure there must be other species also which I've not encountered. And I wonder if I should take that as a good thing?


  1. Good one!!
    I've seen all kinds of posts about drivers, about their driving patterns etc., but first time read about their 'sitting-habit'.
    Fantastic observation.

    Now, I'm missing Saddi Dilli ki sadake. B-(

  2. love you for that...

    i would have done the same...

    but then delhi is a dangerous place with even more dangerous people...just take care

    great observations but

  3. LOL..what a post on drivers ! So like you !!!