Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting to be a pro at being absent minded!

Yeah really! I should get a crown for being the queen of such people if it exists! If such crown doesn't exist yet, I am sure they will create one soon in my honour!

So do you see this pic? And can you read what it says? I am sure you can and must be wondering why I have posted this picture. I will tell you why so that you all can laugh your butts off and but obviously I am the butt behind the joke!

This bag has been lying right on my desk for the past 2 hours and I didn't even realise what it had printed on it. Yeah yeah...laugh on! My cook has packed me my lunch box in this very bag and I have very happily not only carried it to work but also had it displayed as a prized possession to all and sundry! *rolling my eyes*

No more stashing away of such bags in the house now. They will be thrown straightaway in the bin the moment they enter the house! So that no more such bloopers happen ever again! Sigh...

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  1. LOL, don't worry I will give u good company as a bhulakkad..

  2. do you own a phd in "How to make oneself embarrased " 4th post on embarrasing moments :)

  3. ha ha ha ha... swati i think nm's cook owns the phd cos she knows how to make others embarrased!

  4. LOL !!!!
    Welcome to the All India Bhulakkads Association :D

  5. hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
    funniest post I read in long time.

    I wish I could read those 'tamil' words too....lemme guess must be on lines of...100% cotton hahahahaha...oh man thats too much.

    Any tamil reader please do the translation :)

    oops hope thats Tamil only B-)

  6. HAHAHA....
    woman, u cracked me up!
    thanks! :))