Friday, April 18, 2008

Little birdie pouch!

Aren't these little bird pouches so cute? With just one handle and one little pocket! Just perfect for carrying little knick knacks (some money, your phone etc.) on short outings! I think I wanna try and make one like this for sure!


  1. The little bird pouches have FLOWN out of my shop far faster than I expected but keep watching...I plan to have new stock of them soon. :)

  2. i love the first one!!!!

    i hope the bird doesnt fly away with my money!!!!

  3. Love this series of yours! The chocolates, the pouch.. Am still racking my brain as to how to find time to maintain these blogs, keep them upto date, work and take care of kids?

  4. I meant to say - How you manage to find time...

  5. Hi nm,

    Another tag coming your way! Pick it up at

  6. For everybody who missed out on the first Wren Bird Pouches, I will be uploading more tomorrow (Wednesday 40/04/08). :)
    Some are similar and others are completely unique but all of them are as cute. Go and check them out in my blog and etsy site.