Saturday, April 5, 2008

How to enjoy a rainy day?

What better than to make yummy pakoras accompanied with piping hot chai!

And that's how we enjoyed too! :D

It had been raining yesterday here in Delhi and today morning when I woke up lazily at 8 AM the weather was still those rainy kinds, with slight drizzling. The perfect weather for such delicacies!

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  1. I will not mind , if you send some pakoras here..its raining here too ;-)

  2. Oh yaa, and I would love to go to gym after downing those pakoras. In fact I was with great bayimaani toying with the idea of those special samosaa's of College Road. yummmmm. Zaalim kya yaad karwa diya...

  3. Looks so yum. Plis to be sending recipe. or better plis to be sending a plateful of those!

  4. if this was the case, i'd be weighing well over 300 lbs by now considering it's always raining here. ugh. hehe