Saturday, April 26, 2008

A poem...

I recently found this poem that I had written for Hubby our first valentines day. It was in the year 2000. We were engaged that time and it was still about a month to go for the wedding.

Its amazing what love does to you. I was a person who never believed in Valentines day and here I was writing this poem for him for Valentines Day. No valentine's day has been as precious as the first one. But then we have not celebrated Valentines day ever since as well. So here's how we celebrated our first Valentines Day. I went to his place after office. He was getting some plumbing work done and when those workers left I gave him this poem, which I had written for him on a special writing paper. Soon after we sat down next to each other and started to talk. Out of the blue he took out a beautiful card from inside his jacket and gave it to me! I was happily surprised. Then we continued to talk and soon after he took out a rose from his jacket leaving me shocked but again very happy. Next as we were snacking, out came another rose! I can't describe how happy I was feeling at that time.

After a while I thought one more rose will come and kept looking at him curiously. he probably guessed it and said "Bas aur nahi hain!" (Thats it. There are no more.) And we both had such a hearty laugh.

Coming back to the poem, when I read it now, it seems quite kiddish kinds. But what the heck..if I don't write it out here, the paper will get lost again. So here it is...

Sitting under the Sun,
Thinking about us.
Drifting away to the memories,

The times spent together by us.

How lovely are these days

Making me happy in all the ways.

In your room huddled together
Without any worries, without a bother.

Your silky hair, your innocent face,
The sweetest smile, with a naughty trace.

Your soft little touch, That I love so much.
The world never seemed so beautiful,

So happy so cheerful.

And I owe it all to you

Meaning of love I never knew.
Showed me what love meant.

"A word without an end."


  1. The poem indeed is very beautiful. :-)

    Sometimes we don't even know we can write and then suddenly lines come on their own.
    I started writing poetry all of a sudden last year and it just happens.

    And what was his reaction to your lovely poem ?

    BTW, I had replied to your answer to that quiz long time back, it seems you don't go back to check answers to your comments. :-)

  2. this poem and the post made me misty eyed...!!!!

    love does do strange things to us...

    the poems' lovely and so is your thought to put it here...

    heres to all such beautiful memories


  3. A beautiful poem! I'm so happy you put it up here, otherwise, I guess, I would have never got to knoe of it. And a sweet incidence too. :)

  4. Aww..thats very romantic..the poem. The incident , I knew already and of course thats romantic too.

    And now you should change the title of your blog..cause the question "Do I write" becomes invalid after reading the poem.

  5. beautiful poem :) so simple and sweet :)

  6. nidhi bhabhi... you're the best!!! thanks for letting us into your world and :-) knock us over with this one :-) truly heart-warming :-) and now we want more!!!

    swati bhabhi... your words echo my sentiments exactly too!!!

  7. very sweet a poem. Wishing you both loads of love and happiness all through the life :)

  8. aww...
    i think the first V-day, annivs... all are so much more special.. no? :)

  9. i agree.... love does make us do great things! and especially young love :)

    stay young, keep writing!