Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first encounter...

...with getting stitches on the injuries. Not on me but on my son. And I hope never again. It was dreadful enough for me.

Monday around 3:45 PM, I got a call from Betu's daycare. The supervisor told me that He had got hurt while playing and got a little cut. She went to tell me there was some bleeding but now the bleeding has stopped. Somehow the way she was telling me I thought it was a small injury so I did not think too much into it. Then she told me that while they were bandaging him he was continuously asking for "Mumma..". So I asked her to put him on phone so that I can talk to him and he will feel better. But when she told me that they have made him lie down as the bleeding was a bit too much that's when I realized the situation was not as simple as I had thought. It was a bit more grim. So I told her I shall be there in 10 min and she said responded by saying "Yes please."

When I reached the daycare and saw him lying on the bed with his head bandaged, my heart skipped don't know how many beats. I tensed up and walked towards him. And when he saw me he just hugged me tight and I saw 2-3 tears trickling down his eyes. I reciprocated his hug by hugging him tighter and tried not to show my tears to him. It was really a painful sight to see him like that.

The head of the organization was also there and they both told me how brave and strong Anirudh has been. Besides initial tears and that too for only a short while he hasn't cried at all. I was surprised (I will talk about why I was surprised in some other post.)

After picking him up from the daycare I took him to the nursing home where his pediatrician sits and took him to the casualty. The doc on duty took a look at his wound and said he needs stitches. I could feel the ground slipping beneath my feet. However I still managed to ask the Doc "why?" and "Why can't we avoid it?". He gave his reasons and I asked him to go ahead.

So they cleaned his wound and gave him local anesthesia. Betu was getting a bit nervous looking at the syringe but I talked with him to distract him that it won't hurt much and that he is being such a brave boy. I felt like a liar while I was telling him that its OK and that it won't hurt. I'm a person who is scared of needles. REALLY REALLY SCARED. I'm not scared of wounds or big injuries or blood but needles..I prefer to stay miles away from them.

He flinched his eyes when the Doc inserted the needle but he didn't cry. I could feel my eyes brimming with tears but I held them back. If he wasn't crying how could I? I had to be strong enough for him. But I think he still did see through my dark black glares which I refused to take off lest he sees my tears. And while the doc was giving him anesthesia he was softly patting my cheek.

The Doc then started stitching him up. And suddenly I felt a wave of giddiness come over me. I felt strange and wondered why. And it kept growing every second. I was feeling numb. For few seconds I was not aware of any sounds around me and everything looked hazy. The Doc looked at me and I at him and he could sense something is wrong. He asked me if I'm alright. I responded that something...some making me giddy. He asked me to just go and sit down and explained that it was because of me looking at the wound and the stitches being done. (This condition is called Vasovagal Syncope which I figured out after some basic search on the net.) I was surprised as I didn't find the wound or the blood repulsive. But I didn't leave Betu's side and just sat with him on the bed holding his hand and tried not to look at the Doc working on him. I realized what the Doc said was right because every time I would look there I would feel a sudden enormous wave of giddiness come over me. But there was no way I would leave Betu's hand and go away. I tried to take deep long breaths and that helped me a bit for sure. I continued to feel giddy but the degree was marginally lower.

Till now I had only seen on TV about people fainting on seeing surgeries or blood. It was the first time I felt it first hand. And trust me it sure was a very funny/weird feeling. Very VERY weird.

Anyhow, coming back to Betu's injury, it was about a 1 cm cut on the forehead and he got 4 stitches. Its healing up fine and we need to go every 3rd day for getting the dressing changed and shall need to go for getting the stitches removed on 8th day. We are just hoping it heals up quickly as his school re-opens from next week. Plus his big birthday party is scheduled this Sunday where he shall be sporting this little bandage.

It may not be a big deal for some but I guess it being the first (and hope the last) was a bit traumatic for me.

Edited to add:
Update and pictures on Betu's on...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The picture tag

I was tagged to do the picture tag by a few of you (and I've forgotten who all had tagged me :(..sorry) and today I'm finally getting down to it when Mimi also tagged me on this one :)

So I had to pick and post the 4th pic from my 4th folder in the pictures directory. When I went to the said folder I saw it had ONLY 4 pictures :D

So here it is:

This is Anirudh's baby foot. I had clicked this on June 26, 2004. And if I look at the date, it has an interesting twist to it. He was 3 days less than 3 months on this date. Interesting..isn't it? :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

I feel... happy and so loved when Betu comes and gives me big tight puchhas out of the blue.

Its a bit difficult to describe the exact feeling. But I hope you get the feel somehow. Do you?

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celebrate what?

Yesterday when we were returning home around 8 PM, we saw a lot of policewallah's standing near one junction, quite close to our place. Hubby wondered aloud "Kya hua? Itni police kyun hai?" I just brushed it off saying, "They must be getting off the duty" referring to the police security and check posts through out the day across the city which we saw when we were going from one relative's place to another during the day earlier.

After we came back home and as I was reading to Betu, Hubby came in the bedroom and told me the reason for all the police we saw. I was aghast. The day had started so wonderfully and we had so much fun. But not this guy's family. While we were playing Holi, his family was mourning.

What is the world coming to? Why can't these people celebrate even the festivals in peace? Why do they have to become so violent, so ruthless so in-human? Why? Why? Why?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What do you do when... are introduced to your colleagues in the new department where you have just moved and that colleague says "Welcome Abode" instead of "Welcome Aboard"?

Initially I thought I was hearing it wrong but when the same colleague sent me some information and wrote the word as I had heard it i.e. "abode", I just smiled and...smiled :D

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What do you do when... hear your yet to be 5 year old singing "Tu wahan, main yahan...jaise ki zameen aur aasmaan..." with the most serene expressions on his face?

Me and hubby ran to a different room, lest he hears us, and burst out laughing.

But must say he was singing pretty much in tune.

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Maggi tastes yummiest when... eat it with your son slurping in one noodle at a time :D

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

9 years

9 years of love
9 years of togetherness
9 years of fighting with each other
9 years of being a wife

Happy anniversary dear hubby!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Friday, March 6, 2009

What do you do when...

...when you get parenting lessons from your kid?

Yesterday hubby was getting angry at Anirudh on something when Anirudh, in a very calm and serious tone, says "Papa, bachon se aise baat karte hain? Bachho ko dante nahi hai. Unko pyar se samjhate hain."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What do you do when... a small confined place full of people, your son says aloud "Papa, aapki zip khuli hai"?

I would have wanted to just evaporate into thin air right then if it was me. But I really liked my hubby's way of responding in such a situation. He just smiled and said "Thank you for telling me".

But we just couldn't hold our laughter at that point and both me and hubby burst out laughing at the situation.

Rendezevous with my camera

I finally decided to give some special focus to one of the things that I love. And that happens to be photography.

So I've started a blog dedicated to the pictures that I've clicked and which I would like to share with all of you. I've titled the blog as "Kuchh Tasveerein - Meri Nazar se".

The pictures there are my amateur attempts at photography. Although there is still a long way to go and so much to learn, I'm sure that I will learn slowly and steadily.

So I shall see you all there :)