Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

I'm sure lot of the people would have already seen this documentary by Al Gore on global warming "An Inconvenient Truth" and I was probably amongst those few people who hadn't seen it until yesterday when it was aired on HBO. And I would have probably missed it yesterday as well had it not been for Appa who told me about it to be aired on HBO at 9 PM

And what a documentary it was!! Just awesome! I was watching it totally speechless. The things it tells you is just so real, something we see everyday and do everyday and yet it hits you hard.

I was going "Oh my god!" all the time when he was telling and showing such shocking facts about the climate and what we humans are doing to it and how we are just playing with it..its nothing less than just ransacking your own house!! Its like destroying your own house by your own hands and being totally ignorant about it.

And I was wondering at the end, what should we do as an individual to help. I know there are couple of things that I can definitely do and will start doing them right away.

And those who have not watched it yet, you MUST watch it! And don't just forget about it, do something. Little little things. DON'T waste water, DON'T waste electricity, DON'T waste paper, DON'T waste polybags. Reuse them and best would be to minimize their usage. These little little things we can definitely take care of...right??


  1. If I may add: reuse the bags in a way that they don't land in the dustbin or garbage,which then gets burnt, but at then end goes for recycling. I know in India a lot of recycling is done.

  2. and in spite of a reminder set, i still missed it...what a waste!!! :|

  3. Hi NM, I too saw the documentary a little while back and my reaction was pretty similar to yours. I wrote about it here.

  4. thats in my 'to-watch' list for a looong time now!

  5. I liked the documentary too(definitely oscar worthy) and I agree with your suggestions. We all need to be a little mindful and make small changes.

  6. I haven't seen it but as i read first few lines of this post, i remembered talking to my son just a few days back when I was helping him understand 'bio-degradable'. and then u mentioned plastic bags use - I purposely mentioned that to him since it has always been at the back of my mind to take the reusable cloth bags with me when I go to supermarket and say 'no' to plastic bags but I always forget since I think that I should be doing my part too instead of jsut reading about it and thinking why don't people do it ? SO, now I am sure, my kids will definitely remind me to take the cloth bag with me on next trip to supermarket since I explained them how harmful the plastic bags are for our environment.

    And then when I was cooking the other day and ripped the paper towel from the holder to line the box in which I keep rotis, I remembered how my mom used to keep fresh ( washed ) tea towels under the rotis - and I thought that may be I should start doing that too - thought of writing a post on what little things our mother's used to do which were so environment friendly, which we should do it too, but never got around to write it. Paper towel is not going to be in my supermarket list next time and I will see if I can manage without it after using it for years now.

    Thanks for this post, reminded me of two things that I had wanted to start doing but havn't. Its really a small step but it will make a small difference.

    why don't we all come up with and share ideas to reduce rubbish specially the ones that are toxic to enviroment at the end of the day ? It will increase the awareness in our kids too when they will ask questions about why we are making those small changes. What say?

  7. OOoh! I really neeed to cut down on my use of paper towels in the kitchen. I hardly used them until Rishab was born, but since then they have become one of the most important accessories in my kitchen. I've not beeen able to figure out how to exclude them completely, but I myself have been thinking of reducing its use.

    But more important than that is to avoid using platic bags. I always carry my own cloth bags for the grocery. And all the othsers are reused until they go for recycling.
    Recycle as much possible- plastic and paper.
    Minimise the use of electricity and water- a shower saves a lot more water (if you don't have the option of a balti- bath)than a bath.
    Take a bus or train instead of using a car, if the option is there. This is a very environment friendly option in my opinion.