Friday, September 28, 2007

Utilising the long weekend!

Yes..that's what I like to call it - Utilising :D

Hubby has taken Monday off and we are all off to Dehradun to spend some time with Hubby's sister and Anirudh with his cousins! They have been stationed there for almost 2 years and we finally got a chance to visit them. And everybody is excited about it..super excited. But I guess nothing beats Anirudh's excitement. And he has so many reasons to be excited about!

First, he will get to have a auto rickshaw ride till the railway station.

Second, he will get to have the long awaited train ride.

Third, he will get to meet his cousins, in his words, "Honey Bhaiyya and Sunny". Despite the fact that they both are elder to him, he prefers to call only the eldest one as bhaiyya and the younger one just by name. And we have almost given up on trying to make him say Sunny Bhaiyya.

And this also means no new posts from me till Oct 3'07 at least.

So till then, have a great time and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Google reader..its such a wonderful thing

Somehow I feel lot of people do not know about the wonderful thing called 'Google Reader'. It really is a wonderful thing. Before I go on and on about how I use it, let me tell you all what it is all about.

Its basically a feed reader which tells you which blog or news site which has RSS feeds was updated and what posts or articles are new! It looks something like this

So as you can see I've a folder where I've sorted in all my blog subscriptions. Then there is a technology folder and so on and so forth.

Earlier when I used to read blogs, it was really difficult to catch up with all the new posts on various blogs. And there would be times when I would get so disappointed when I would find no new posts after reaching the blog and there would be times when I would have missed out checking on a blog and after days would have realised how many I had missed up!

I've added all the picture links of various family and friends and now I don't need to wait for an email from them to tell me that hey have added new pics.

Any site that offers RSS feeds and you like to visit them often for latest articles/updates, Google Reader will really be helpful for you! For this very reason it works out really good for me! I'm sure once you start using it, you will also get addicted to it. It really makes life so much easier! Try it once and you will be hooked!

Stupid things that we say...

We all at some point of the other say some stupid things which we feel so embarrassed about and would love to hide ourselves somewhere! Don't we?

One really REALLY stupid thing that I said was to a friend of mine looking at her children. I said something like "Its amazing how two siblings can be so different making me wonder if they both are from the same set of parents!" :P

I am so glad she was a close friend and didn't take offense but had it been anyone else they sure would have. She just laughed it off.

Any of you done/said anything like that?

Everything has to go wrong all at the same time!

Have you noticed or has it ever happened with you that when one thing goes wrong, every other things also decides to go wrong at the same time?

Its been happening with us since the past 3 months. And its still going on...sigh...

It first started with our fridge conking off and the company took almost 2 months to get it up and running. First they said, gas is over and it requires refilling. Even after 3 refillings, it wasn't working properly, so we were told its the timer that's not working. Fine, got it changed but to no avail. It still wasn't cooling fine. It would work for an hour and the next 2 hours it would stop working and then would start cooling again. So the next thing we are told the compressor has conked off. I literally bashed them asking them to decide on one thing as to whats wrong with it. And to stop trying to do the trial and error way of rectifying things. This time it worked and touch wood its still working.

And when the fridge was still not up our washing machine started giving trouble. And were we glad we had taken the annual maintenance plan just a week before it started giving trouble. Otherwise we would have already shelled out almost 7 grands on the PCB board and then on the shockers and some other tidbits.

Then came the turn of the PC. As I said it was like a chain movement which seemed like all these household appliances had planned between themselves. So it took us almost 2 weeks to get it up and running and then after working fine for 2 weeks the Internet stopped working. We tried this and that and then the ISP guy asked us to try and change the network card as that could be the issue. a new one and changed it and bingo! It started working fine!

It had been just about a fortnight when the PC started giving trouble again..this was last weekend. The monitor was giving trouble. At least that's what we thought because when we got our neighbours monitor and plugged it into the system, the system booted on just fine. So when the repair engineer came, and tried to hook on our original monitor with the system, not even once did he face any issue. The problem just refused to come up again! He tried many a things so that he can reproduce the same problem that we were facing but it just wouldn't come! I was so shocked and angry that I can't describe in words. And then I remembered the old Hindi saying "Doctor ko dekh kar mareez theek ho jaata hai" (The best English translation that I can think of which describes the meaning of this phrase is "The patient gets fine on just looking at the doctor")

So that was that 2 days ago. And about half an hour ago I thought let me switch on the TV and what do I doesn't switch on? Its not getting any power. I tried changing various plug points where some other appliance was working fine but nopes..nothing happened!

So you see..from Fridge to Washing Machine to PC and now the TV! Uff...when will this come to an end?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

About the Birds and Bees after becoming a mommy!

I was tagged by JLT to write about the doing 'it' post the baby number 1! I had been reading a lot of bloggers on their views/ways on how do they go about doing 'the' thing once they had their child. Some were quite innovative or shall I say adventurous and some were the plain as-and-when-you-get-time!

And we are no different and fall into the latter group only. Till Betu was a baby, it was not an issue at all. But now when he's quite a big boy (3.5 yrs young) we are quite tired by the end of the day/night after whole day's work and then there would be days when Betu just wouldn't want to sleep on time.

So basically it was a combination of 'not being tired'+'betu fast asleep'. The desire may not be there all the time. Sometimes the desire comes in when you start doing 'it'. At least thats how it is with us.

I ain't tagging anyone on this specifically. So excuse me for that! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Prashant should not be the Indian Idol

I've not been an avid viewer of the singing talent show Indian Idol on Sony TV and have never watched the performances from the beginning except for a few episodes here and there. And whatever episodes I watched were more towards the end when only 4-5 contestants were left out.

Prashant sings well but still he should not be the Indian Idol. Because if you have ever heard his comments, he always, mark that ALWAYS calls himself a 'Nepali'. So if he is a 'Nepali', what is is he doing on INDIAN Idol. If he doesn't even once call himself 'Indian' why the hell should he be even part of this show.

He may be a good singer, the best of the lot but still he doesn't deserve to be on this show lest be crowned as the Indian Idol if he doesn't think of himself as 'Indian'.

Dreams or Nightmares??

I was tagged twice to do the 'Tell your dreams" post. Once by Naina and then by MNAmma. Wow! I feel so great looking at the fact that I'm finally getting my feet gaining a bit of firm ground in the blogging world! :D

Although I've already done the tell-your-dreams tag in a way long back. I say in a way because it was just a post about funny dreams in pregnancy! But then when looking at 2 people passing it on to me again I thought I will write despite I had already told them that I had already done the tag. And moreover, that post was about pregnancy dreams specifically I will write about my other dreams.

My other post on dreams was long back ..OK not so long back..a post that I did in July'07. This was a post where I wanted to do away with my dreams. Because if I had dreams I didn't wake up nice and fresh.

Anyhow, coming back to the weird dreams one dream that I quite frequently see is that some monster/animal is chasing and and I'm running and then suddenly I start flying...really FLYING! Up in the sky soaring like a bird...or shall I say Superman? hehehe..although I'm not doing an saving-world-from-evil work like superman! :D

Another set of dreams that I usually see is that me and some of my friends are on an adventure trip. I don't see the faces of my friends though. And we are waving our ways through the jungle, overcoming obstacles and feeling victorious at the end..although not always. Many a times I would wake up in the middle due to some scary incident in the dream itself. :D And these kind of dreams I've been getting since I was in 6th or 7th class. Sometimes I wonder if I can attribute these set of dreams to reading too much of Famous Fives, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew' and Agatha Christies! :D

And yes, how can I forget about a dream where I'm visiting my sisters in US. But the funny part in those dreams is that the surroundings etc that I visualise are all from India but not of one single place. It would be a mix of various places I've visited ever in my lifetime. So imagine my society surroundings with the garden and swing from my in-laws place in Jaipur and a terrace-balcony from my Appa's house in Ghaziabad which has a south Indian canteen that I saw at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore when we visited my BIL-SIL in February early this year. Funny, isn't it?

I guess I've left with lot of humour of my funny dreams to bring a smile on your faces! Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ganesh Chaturthi ... the sad end!

I've always heard or seen people talking in excitement about Ganesh Chaturthi and what all they do to celebrate it. However I never felt any special feelings arising inside me for this festival. Not that I'm an atheist. I very much believe in God despite the fact I don't pray everyday.

And to be truthful, its not about feeling anything special but about the fact that I somehow feel aversion for two festivals one of them being Ganesh Chaturthi and the the other Durga Puja. The aversion is not towards the prayers or the celebrations. Its the end which bothers me. Makes me feel sad not for Ganeshji or for Durgaji but for the people who do not see how they are totally disrespecting them in the end. And it seems like a total sham to me.

I know there are tons of people who will scorn at me for writing such words but this is the truth..the truth about how I feel.

And why do I feel so? Look at these pictures and they will say it all without any further explanation required from me.

Do you feel happy to see such treatment meted out to the God who was being celebrated few hours ago? I certainly don't.

Do you think our Gods deserve this kind of treatment towards the end after days of celebrating them? Definitely not!

Do you think Ganeshji would be happy to see himself lying amidst the filth on the beach? Never!!

So why are we doing this? What for? Few days we keep them on the pedestal and then they end up lying on the beach with broken arms, covered in filth being trampled upon by the cleaning machines. And this is the time when it makes me feel its all a sham!

And its not just about Ganesh Chaturthi. I feel the same for Durga Puja and the visarjan at the end of it too.

This is the same reason why I refuse to take wall or pocket calendars with any of the Gods pictures on it because I get concerned that once the year is over, how do I dispose the calendar off? I just do not like throwing it in the dustbin. For Gods sake it has the picture of the god whom we respect and look up to.

I can go on and on about it but I guess I've got my point conveyed. And when I read Rarely There, I was glad I'm not alone in how I feel.

I always wonder, why do we need to do the visarjan? Why can't we keep the god with us, in our homes after the celebrations? Do we need to follow a ritual which was made eons ago? But I also know for the fact that earlier there were not such small small groups celebrating separately. Maybe its become more of a status symbol to be sponsoring such celebrations! Why can't the whole city unite and celebrate together?

I hope soon the people realise what they are doing and how its ending. I really hope so..


I saw a picture of a chocolate bar - a REALLY big bar and I had to write about the chocolates and my love for them. :D I'm sure there are so many out there who share my love for chocolate to the same degree if not more. But before I write further, let me share the pic I saw..I'm sure you will also go "WOW..thats so interestingly tempting!"

(Images courtesy
Wasn't I right? The moment I saw this pic I was ready to bite in this chocolate bar!

And can you imagine, I had just written the title of the post and I got up ..almost in a if someone had hypnotized me, walked up to my fridge, took out the Hershey's Kissables from my freezer and started to chomp on them. And only after I had chomped down a few that I started writing the actual post :D

Chocolates have been my fav fav item ever since I can remember. I can almost hear all my close family members and friends saying "Ohh yes!" in unison ..hehehe...

I'm sure we must have had varieties of chocolates but somehow earliest memory is of a 5-star which Ma used to judiciously cut up in 4 equal portions and give it all four of us. I still wonder how did she manage to slice them up in such precision leaving us no chance to squib over who got a larger portion.

How my youngest Mama-Mami would get us Hershey's Kisses and mini chocolate bars. Those Snickers, Bounty, Mars, Twix, Toblerone and there are so many more. The list cna go on and on.
Snickers had been my all time fav and probably would still be its just that its been ages since I had one...a self imposed ban looking at the the growing sizes :D I just love the flavour of peanuts with chocolate.

And who can forget those melt-in-the-mouth After Eight. Yumm.. I can still feel the taste of it in my mouth when I try to imagine it :D

There are so many more brands and flavours of chocolates that I've eaten but somehow can't seem to remember at this point. So whoever is reading this, you all have got a gift idea to give me to revive my memories or shall I say taste buds about them!

However, lately my chocolate loving taste buds have had to satisfy themselves with the likes of Munch or Perk or KitKat. Just so that they have less of chocolate and more of wafers giving a (false?) satisfaction that they won't be adding much to my growing weight!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sticky notes..20 years ago..

Tharini's mention of putting sticky notes in tiffin of her son in a post that I read today morning reminded me of something that I used to do as kid. I was probably about 11-12 year then. Which dates this memory to the year 1986-1987...almost 20 years ago.

Anyhow not to deviate from the memory I'm talking about, I used to put such notes in my Dad's lunch box. But the idea behind putting notes by Tharini and those of mine were totally different. I used to put notes in Appa's (my papa) lunch box to remind him to bring our comics/magazines such as 'Nandan' or 'Chandamama' or 'Tinkle' or 'Archies' or 'Tintin' or 'Phantom' or 'Mandrake' etc. He used to get us one comic every week. And the day he would bring them, would be a day of rejoicing for us as well as for fights. Fights because me and my younger sister would fight as to who will get to read it first. :D

I clearly remember why I first started this putting-a-note-in-lunch box. It had happened so that Appa forgot to bring the comic in a particular week for 2 consecutive days. And when I would prod him as to why he didn't get he would say he forgot. And I would be so glum and sad the entire evening as I had been waiting for it with such anticipation.

So one fine day this idea of putting a note on his lunch box struck me and it worked like magic! And I remember when Appa came back home that evening and handed over the comic to me he had a big grin on his face as he was quite amused of the way I thought of reminding him to bring it.

This became a ritual soon but then the usage was diversified from just using it as a reminder for bringing comics.

So when I read Tharini's mention of putting notes in tiffin I had this big big smile on my face and it made me walk down the memory lane when I was a kid myself. Don't we all feel so happy reminscing about such simple yet sweet memories from the past? :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

No luck yet...sigh...its so frustrating..

Its been little more than a week since I started looking for another job and I'm frustrated already. Not because that I haven't landed on a new one but because of the expressions, the outlook the response I've received so far. Its just pathetic.

I've spoken with about 4-5 consultants and about 3 companies directly and to some in person as well besides replying to various openings that I received through emailers or openings advertised in job portals. And the moment I utter the words "time-constraints-coz-I've-a-child", they go 'Ohh ok. We will get back to you' and they never do.

Why is this outlook meted out towards working mothers? Are the womenfolk not supposed to work once they have a kid? Why do they think only working long hours makes one an efficient and sincere worker? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Having been working in the IT industry I very well know for the fact that those who stay late at work, how much time do they waste whiling away in smoking or chit chatting or just doing nothing. But just the fact that they are visible at work premises much beyond the regular working hours, they are deemed to be hardworking employees. I used to despise such thought process earlier and despise it even more now when I realise this thought is prevalent across the industry.

I really don't know how soon or late will I be able to get a decent job looking at my experience in just one week. I know it might be too early to reach a conclusion and with so many telling me something nice and bright must be in store for you and I just need to wait and watch but its not working guys. Its just now working. Its not being morally supporting at all. Sigh....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

He gets on my nerves too much...

I'm talking about my ohh-so-adorable-cute-little son here. Yes..he really gets on my nerves sometimes. So much so that I do not want to do anything with him and just want him to go away from me...

It really irks me that he just doesn't want to play on his own. He HAS to do all his activities with me. Whether its watching TV or DVD or coloring or playing with his puzzles...just about anything. He just doesn't do anything on his own. And I get irritated so much as there are times when I don't want to. I wonder what we used to keep ourselves busy with when we were young. There weren't so many activities/toys/TV/DVDs to keep us occupied. But I surely do not remember pestering our parents like he does to least I think so...

And what irritates me more is that when I'm watching TV and he's doing his coloring on the PC, he will leave that and would want to watch his cartoons on TV. So I let him watch his cartoons and once he's settled I go to the PC, within minutes he will want to watch his DVD on it.

So basically he wants me to be there with him all the time. I know he's not wrong in demanding that because he has spent a lot of time at daycare and now when I'm home and bring him back from school early he wants to make the best out of it by spending maximum time with me.

I do try to play and do activities with him but I get bored and tired soon. I wonder where am I going wrong. Is my thinking like this or getting irritated wrong on my part?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where are you SM?

Everyday I wonder about SM ( whose blog got hacked by someone not so while ago. And I wonder hows she coping up with it. I wonder if she started her blog again? I hope she did!

SM, if you read this or learn from anyone that I was looking for you, do write in here or mail me at

After looking at SM's blog hijack, I took backup of my blog using Adobe writer. How I wish SM can retrieve her blogs back! How I wish!!

Addendum : SM - I've made a word file of the posts that I could retrieve from my Google Reader and saved it. Let me know where I can email it to you!

What's in a name?

I've been tagged by Moppet's Mom about writing the funny/weird/cute/sweet names that we used to or still call our little one with. makes me think..yes for a change it made me think :P

OK, jokes apart ..yes we have been calling our Anirudh also with different names but have not been as innovative as other's I read have been :D Let me start from the beginning.
  • Before he was born, we used to refer our little baby with a girlie name because we didn't know what we were having and me nad DH both were hoping for a girl. So we used to refer to him as 'Mitthi!'

  • When Anirudh was moved to our hospital room after his birth and his Papa got to hold him for the very first time he addressed betu as "Aur Mr. Mittal? Kya haal hain?". We all had such a good laugh hearing that!

  • I started calling him as 'Betu' and 'Nannu' (distorted from the word 'Nanha' - meaning small). You may find the nickname mera 'Bachhda' (calf) funny which I started using to call him when he was about 2 months young. I know some one in my house used to make fun of that and ask me if I was a Cow. And I would jokingly say "Ofcourse! I produce milk these days so I can definitely be called one and he as my calf!" :D

  • And soon names like Pyaaru, Chhona, Meethu, Bammashu (the word Badmash distorted) were being used. When he was about 6-7 months young, we had taught him how to raise his hands when we would ask him "Anirudh kitna meetha?" and he would raise them really high over his head!" And sometimes we even used to ask him "Anirudh kitna bammash?" and he would raise his hands again!" Hehehe.....

  • Then when he was about 2 yrs when he could repeat our words and learnt his nicknames, then our conversation went something like this -

    Me: Anirudh kya hai? Mumma ka...
    Betu: Meethu!

    Me: Aur mumma ka....
    Betu: Pyaru!

    Me : Aur mumma ka...
    Betu : Bammashu!


  • And now since the past 7-8 months he understands that badmash means not good, so here is how our conversations have changed now

    Me : Mumma ka paaru kahan hai?
    Betu: Yeh raha (Pointing at himself)

    Me: Mumma ka meethu kahan hai?
    Betu: Yeh raha!

    Me: Mumma ka chhonu kahan hai?
    Betu: Yeh raha!

    Me: Mumma ka bammashu kahan hai?
    (Will be silent for a second and say..) Main bammash nahi hoon. Main Good boy hoon!

  • One nickname that DH will kill me for writing here which he uses ..though rarely but it sure is funny hearing DH say that. It has happened so many times that when Anirudh is watching TV he just listen to us calling him our and will never budge from his seat. So sometimes to use that to our advantage, me and DH go to our bedroom to chit chat and cuddle. And invariably, Anirudh would turn up within minutes looking for us :D And then DH will say "permanent kabab mein haddi!" and we will both laugh! And then DH will carry on to cuddle and play-fight with him and you can hear them both laughing and giggling away.

  • Andy - This is how his Chachi-Chachu call him with. His Chachu says that Andy sounds fancy and trendy. When Anirudh was very young..just a few months of age his Chachu would call him as "Puchhu Baby" and would keep kissing Anirudh on his cheeks.
Now to continue with the pass-the-tag-on, I pass it on to Y, NotunMa and Boo. Let's hear it out from you all too!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The urge to get back to the grind!

I did not start searching for another job until this Sunday. I just didn't want to. And whenever anyone would ask me about my job search I would get angry. Angry because it would remind me of the episode with the previous company. I still feel such angst inside me when I think of how I had to quit and how unprofessionally they behaved.

And it made me angry also because I used to wonder why is everyone asking me about me searching for a job? Can't I not work for sometime? Is it something unusual to not to work? But if I think calmly, I know they were just asking me generally and didn't mean anything else but still it irked me. I guess we all are allowed times when we needn't behave sensibly all the time. Right?

But when I was home, I didn't do anything constructive with respect to house cleaning or rather in general house keeping. I just wasn't interested. I've never been a great housekeeper because it never interested me much. When I was working I would attribute it to hectic office etc but now when I'm home I still don't do anything about it. I guess its high time I accept the fact that I am not a good housekeeper. And neither is there a will to be one. It somehow just doesn't interest me.

I was just bored sitting all the time at home with nothing to do. I used to sit in front of the TV but nothing good would be airing. In fact I never even once found a good soap to watch on. So all I got to watch was some stupid home-family-drama soaps which I couldn't survive for even 10 mins, "Superman Returns" dubbed in Hindi and I did try to watch "Gladiator" dubbed in Hindi but couldn't do it after 10 mins.

So over the weekend an urge to start my job search got me in updating my resume and posting it on the various job sites. An urge to get back to the grind. An urge to do something constructive instead of lazing around in the house. An urge initiated by the sheer boredom of being home.

I've never been a home person. I have always been an extrovert. Anyone who knows me since my childhood will vouch for that. Home is nice and good but the need to venture out is quite strong.

Now only time will tell when do I land upon a decent job - a job which matches my terms and conditions. Let's see when...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Daycares in Delhi & Noida

Anubhav Learning Centre
Pamposh Enclave, Near Nehru Place
MS Simi Babbar

Neeti Bagh
MS Swati Jain

Early Starters
Defence Colony
Mr Atul Kumar Singh
+(91)-9871321908, 9910256479

Kiddies Corner School Cum Creche
Lajpat Nagar
1/23, Lajpat Nagar, Part 4, New Delhi - 110024
Phone: (11) 26425938

Little Pearls
Vasant Vihar
+(91)-(11)-46012471, 46012472, 46012473
MS Jyoti/Mr Kamal Kapoor/MS Babita

Little Wonders
Mrs Sonia Jolly/Mrs Payal/Mr Karane Jain
A-298, Opp Ashoka Park, New Friends Colony, Delhi - 110065

Oxford Kids
East Of Kailash
011 26280422

Uma Creche
Mrs Uma Rani
C4-B/100,Mig Flat, Sec-13,Nr Bharti Girls College, Janak Puri, Delhi - 11005

Your Kids R Our Kids
Jorbagh, Lodhi Road
Bharat Kapoor


Little Scholar
A-687 A, Sec-19, Noida, Noida - 201301

Peach Blossom
Mr Paul Abraham
E-6/1, Sec-61, Noida, Noida - 201301

Our sumptuous breakfast!

On special request from DH, here's what I made for breakfast today -

So the menu included Rava Idli's, Coconut Chutney and Sambhar. The DH and Betu thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast which almost turned into brunch because first we had it around 11 AM and secondly because we all had them in such quantities. We all love rava Idli's that we make from the MTR ready mix in which you just need to add curd and some bit of water.

I usually do not make sambhar when I make this dish for breakfast but last time when I just prepared chutney and idli, Betu asked "Sambhar kahan hai?" and refused to eat without it. Why? Because his school serves them Idli with Sambhar. So Idli HAS to be had with Sambhar. Thus that day I had to hurriedly make sambhar just to appease my little god! Jeez..even my MIL wouldn't have been this particular :D

Friday, September 7, 2007

Walking sculptures!

This was really interesting.

Thank you my blogger friends!

Exactly a month ago I had written a post about blogging and commenting and how it has become such an integral part of my day to day life. How I feel the ups and downs of the bloggers whom I read regularly, the sadness and happiness affect me as they affect them, I also feel proud as the other blogging mother's raving about their kids activities.

But in the last 2 weeks, when I went MIA (Missing In Action) I realised its not just me who feels this way. Its them bloggers also who feel this way too. When I got messages from Stone, Kodi's Mom, Mystic Margarita, JLT, Whats in a Name, moppets mom asking me about my whereabouts and why I had not been posting all this long that it brought a smile to my face. A smile because it dawned on me that my feelings towards other bloggers are reciprocated equally. The bond I felt with them, they felt the same too - towards me! And that really felt nice and heart warming. Even if its a virtual bonding, there IS a bonding!

And all I want to say now is "Thank you my blogger friends! Thank you for thinking about me!"

Weird dreams during pregnancy about the baby!

I recently read a post by Shruthi about a dream that she remembers from her pregnancy. It reminded me of my two very weird dreams. And when I say very weird, I mean VERY WEIRD. Read on and you will agree with me

~ Dream 1 ~
I've a friend over whom I'm meeting after the longest while and we are talking and talking and talking and suddenly I feel uneasy. And I'm like "What the hell..I'm so bored with this pregnancy. Let me take the baby out." So what I do is scoop my hand inside and pull out the baby! :P

(I woke up all sweaty after this dream and couldn't sleep for a really long time. I'm sure anyone in my place wouldn't have been too sleep either.)

~ Dream 2 ~
I'm holding our baby who seemed to about 2-3 month young and I'm trying to nurse him but somehow its not working. The baby is not able to suckle on and we both, the baby and me, are getting irritated. Suddenly the baby "talks to me" and says "Bottle se pila do na!"

I stare at the baby mouth open wide because my lil infant can talk ..already?? And then I just scurry up to bring the bottle of milk as suggested by the baby :D

(I was in my 8th month of pregnancy when I saw this dream and it had me amused for many a days post that day. )

Any of you had any such dreams..weird/funny/amusing kinds?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back from hibernation

As some of you have noticed I had been into hibernation - partly by circumstances and partly by choice. If we go by order of correct sequence, 'by choice' will precede 'by circumstance'.

Why by choice? - The place where I was working, the management and I had issues with each other and circumstances became such that I just quit. It was a sudden decision which put me off completely and left me kind of depressed. I was not interested in doing anything. Not even in finding another job soon whereas everyone around me was telling to update my resume and start applying.

Even though I have gotten over my off mood to quite an extent but I guess the anger inside me towards the previous company is so much that it will take time. I even thought of writing a letter to the CEO from my personal email ID to tell him how his management thinks and works. If you differ from their views, you are called resistant to feedback. If you question them about processes to only understand them better, you are called not trying to adjust. If you try to give feedback/opinion form your past work experience, you are told they will look at the project experiences from their company only.

Why by circumstances? - Our home PC had gone kaput and it took us a week to bring it back on. And it worked for 2 days and now its back to square one when I'm unable to connect again. When I called these Internet guys, they said my network card is not working. *sigh*...why does everything come down crashing all at the same time.

Anyhow, I'm trying to look at the brighter side of the life and have decided I will start applying for a new job but not in an aggressive manner and enjoy this unplanned break to the maximum extent I can.

Now a days that I am home, I pick up Anirudh after school and we have lots of fun at home. But there are still days when I let him stay at the daycare and pick him up only at the evening as I do not want him to get into habit of coming back home right after school because I know sooner than later, I will get into a job and his routine will be changed again.

As the title of my post says, I'm back from my hibernation and will resume my writings on here.