Monday, June 30, 2008

Abhi kahani khatam nahi huyee....

And I'm still trying to recover from the aftereffects of the Delhi bloggers meet that happened yesterday that I had to take the day off today :P

There is so much to talk and tell but I'm just so stuck with words so I will leave you all with some pictures of the kids from the party!

Beanie and Betu - 'Pretending' to be such calm and composed kids!

Suki & Betu: Kya masti ho rahi hai!

Anirudh and Brat - Playing with little cars that Suki got for the Brat.

Brat and Anirudh - Enjoying the lightning and lovely monsoon wind in the balcony!

Puddi, Beanie, Anirudh and Brat - Enjoying the popcorns!

Lil Peanut - Trying to grab whatever she could lay hands on from the table!

Little T - Ever so smiling!

Chubbocks - He has such a beautiful smile!

Lovely weather it was yesterday evening!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Huye huye hum...mast!

We, the Delhi bloggers, met today finally after making plans and talking about meeting 'someday soon' so many times!

And it surely was a full house what with 7-8 of us, some had come with their hubbies so about 4-5 guys and about 10 kids of all sizes crawling\running around everywhere!

Me and Suki reached early, thanks to Betu prodding me every 5 mins "hum kab jayenge?" ever since I told him that he will meet lot of friends today evening. And partially thanks to almost zero traffic on the roads. So although the time was set for 6 pm, we reached at 5:45 itself feeling a little embarassed about our over enthusiasm.

But with MM and her hubby, you definitely will be at ease very quickly! Soon a very sleepy brat and a chirpy bean trotted into the room! Beanie started to chatter up in her own baby language and I just couldn't help but smile looking at her. Brat took a while to warm up with Betu but soon they were inseparable creating such a ruckus that both me and MM had to keep asking them to calm down! :)

Around 6:30 RaisingT walked in with T and her sister nostalgic chica! T is the most adorable baby I have ever ever met! He is always smiling and such a happy child. As I said "hi baby!" he immediately gave me a big happy smile and waved his hand! And towards the end he was so sleepy but even then he was smiling and gurgling whereas other babies usually get so cranky! I even got puchhas from him on both my cheeks! RaisingT was so sweet too! She had returned from her Singapore trip at 2 am today itself and yet she came over!

The next to pop in was Chandni and her boy, nomad with a desk job. She was another chirpy and bubbly personality. And she was cribbing for loosing out on those malai kofta's the other day when Suki came over and was asking me when is she going to be invited next! Chandni,
soon is all I can say right now.

Then came birds eye view with chubbocks, puddi and her hubby! Puddi is as cute and cuddly as she looks in the picture! And BEV is very beautiful! She had baked a lovely chocolate cake and it was still warm when she handed it over to us! Ummm...I still have the taste of it in my mouth! It was that yum! She also got super soft dhoklas from a shop close to her place. They were just awesome!

Y dropped in straight from her way back to Delhi from her Jaipur trip. Peanut was a quiet cute little baby obviously tired from the 5 hour journey! And Y, she is so quiet that it took me a while to really absorb that she is the same bubbly person as she seems from her blog!

And MM and Y are such fakes when they talk about their weight issues. In fact looking at them made me think that its me who should be talking about weight issues and not them! MM can easily be passed for a girl doing her graduation! She looked so cool in that lovely cream dress and yes when she talks, she talks :) I still can't get over how beautifully she had decorated her house. Right from the stairs to the bathroom! Yes even the bathroom!

Around 8:15 or so Sraikh of ASAAN walked in with her kids. I am really in awe with this woman! For me she is no less than a superwoman managing kids and house in a country like US where you have no helping hands unlike in India. And here we are who crib about our 1 or 2 kids even when we have maids to our rescue!

We hogged on the yummy malpuas that Suki had got, popcorns, patties, wafers and but of course the yummy chocolate cake and dhoklas from BEV.

And I'm still reeling and trying to soak in all that happened in these 3 hours today evening!

There's still so much more to write about but I guess it shall be another post looking at how long this one has become already :)

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What are you reading? - A book tag!

Emaan's Mom tagged me on this book tag where I need to pick up a book that I'm reading, go to page 123, find the 5th sentence and write the next 3 sentences here.

I'v recently started reading "The Twentieth Wide" by Indu Sundaresan. Although I haven't reached this far in the book as such. Here is the excerpt:

"As the eldest of his seventeen sons and his heir apparent, Amar Singh, came through the doorway to pay his last respects to his father, his turban caught on one of the slats of the roof and was wrenched off his head. So Pratap Singh, that mighty Rana who had staved off the Mughal empire, died with this image in his mind: that his son, turbanless and so relaced would live a life of ease. That he would not rule for very long."

So now to tag 5 more people, I can only think of 3 people Ami, Life begins & Monika.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A night out for us after 6 years

After we left Betu at his cousins place for his first sleepover we didn't know what to do with this 'alone' time in our hands. After calling up a few times to see how he is doing, we knew that he will be just fine. So after a lot of dallying we decided to hit a disc nearby in case we need to go back to pick him up in case he realises he can't stay without us. But nothing of that sort happened :)

So off we went to the 'Capitol' in "The Ashok" and had a wonderful time. The moment we reached there I thought we really shouldn't have come. I felt so out of the crowd. All these girls were dressed in such sexy outfits and here I was in my chappals and Capri. I didn't even have a lipstick in my bag to apply on my lips so that at least I have something on in the name of makeup. I was kind of shocked to see what revealing clothes these girls wear these days. I may sound like an old aunt but its true. Almost all of them were wearing really really mini shoulder less dresses. Being thin or fat didn't really matter to them. And out of 50 maybe just one would be wearing a jeans. but again with 'leaving-nothing-to-imagination" kind of tops.

Anyhow, after feeling awkward and a total misfit for a while, I just ignored that I was not aptly dressed for being in there. We both had a martini each before hitting the dance floor. Danced a little but when the people on the floor decided to increase so much that we were barely even moving our feet we decided to sit and ordered for long island iced tea. The music was good but I didn't like when the DJ continually played some Hindi numbers including the 'sapera' music.

Finally we decided to get out of the disc around 1:30 AM and just sat in the lounge and chit chatted. It really felt wonderful having so much free time on our hands just for us.

Meeting Suki...

Suki has already written her bit about her visit to my house quite elaborately but now I will cover up what she left out, intentionally or unintentionally :D

Lets start from the beginning. When she reached my place around quarter to nine, I saw this little bandanna clad girl with a big wide smile on her face who looked not any older than someone who would be studying in 11th standard. So must say I was quite awed by her size as I wondered about the serious, intense and wonderful writings that come out from this little girl? :D

Her Mausi had come along to drop her. So the moment she entered the house out came the lovely sondesh from her backpack. And I like a total fool started to munch on them even before asking them for a glass of water. And like a total moron was talking with m mouth full with the sondesh! Sheesh..I really know how to make a fool of myself in front of others. But what to do. I just couldn't resist. Soon after her Mausi left after I told her that we will drop her back home by 10:30 PM or so.

In the beginning Betu was hiding behind me as Suki was trying to say hello to him. But for the 5 minutes I disappeared from the scene to make tea for Hubby who entered home almost along with Suki from work, this is what I saw:

They both were playing together and were too engrossed wrestling with each other!

Since it was past 9 PM, I asked her if we shall talk over dinner to which she promptly agreed saying she was totally famished. I do not remember what all we talked about but we kept talking and talking while eating the dinner. And she kept raving about the malai kofta and the daal paranthas although I felt the salt was little more than required in the kofta. It did not at all feel as if I was meeting her for the first time! Not even for one single moment.

Betu was so eager to play with 'Suki Didi' that he kept asking me when will her dinner get over :D So once done, they both got down to play with the lego blocks. And attempts after attempt they finally managed to make one really tall tower.
And the tower was promptly broken by Betu once I had clicked a picture. You can still see the remains of hte tower in Suki's hands :)

When it was time for Suki to go, Anirudh kept asking why did she have to leave. I tried to explain but he was quite sad. So we told him that Suki didi will come and stay over at our place one day and only when Suki said yes to that, he kind of accepted her going.

I'm so looking forward to going with her one day roaming around the market and just spending time with her again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Malai Kofta

As promised to Suki, I have prepared "Malai Kofta" for dinner when she comes visiting me tonight. She has already landed and should be here very soon.

So while I was making them, my sister called me and when I told her what I was making she excited told me to click pictures and post them here along with the recipe. My first reaction was "naah...not in a mood right now" but later, once I was done preparing, I thought why not.

So here are the pictures first:

The koftas

Cut up kofta showing filling

The gravy!

For the kofta:
  1. Take boiled potatoes and mash them along with bread slices or sooji(Semolina).
  2. Add salt to the mix.
  3. Crumble paneer with hands. Add salt, diced coriander and garam masala.
  4. You can also add diced green chillies and finely diced onions if you like.
  5. Put some oil in your palms and spread the potato mixture in a small round shape like a flat patty.
  6. Put the filling in the center and start folding the potato patty to make a small ball or into an oblong shape. You have to ensure that the paneer filling is not exposed else when you fry it, it will burst open in the oil. So first try to add little filling and increase once you are comfortable with folding it properly.
  7. Keep them aside for about 10 min.
  8. Deep fry them to golden brown color.
For the gravy:
  1. Make a tomato, onion, garlic and ginger paste. Roast it in a bit of oil so that the water is all dried up.
  2. Add coriander powder, garam masala, black salt, regular salt and a bit of amchoor powder (dry mango powder)
  3. Once its roasted well, add water and let it boil for 20 mins.
  4. Once done, switch off the flame and add fresh cream. This is optional though.
For serving:
  1. Soak the koftas in the gravy 15 mins before serving.
  2. If you soak for longer, the koftas get really soft and start breaking apart.
  1. You need not put any filling for the koftas.
  2. You can add cashew paste in the gravy for a richer taste.
  3. You can add raisins and grated ginger in the filling.
  4. You can add finely diced veggie such as cabbage, carrot and corn . Saute them first in little olive oil/butter.
I have also made kadhai paneer for the dinner and this is the pic of it:

Now I'm just waiting for her to relish these .

Friday, June 20, 2008

How do you like this?

The tag of 55!

DotThoughts tagged me on this where I have to continue the story that has been building up in not more than 55 words. I was amused and quite excited because I have not done something so creative so far! So let me see how I fare!

What happened so far.

"She wondered if she could ever count each of the twinkling stars in the night sky. The clock in the tower struck 9. She had to get back to reading her text book, ignoring the weird grumbling noises her stomach was making. The flickering orange street light looked like it would go put any minute." [galadriel]

she considered her options. she cud complete reading before the light died on her. or she cud eat. or of course, she could attempt to count the stars. it was in the midst of this contemplation that her phone buzzed. books aside, hunger aside... she now focussed on the screen. should she answer... she wondered. [rayshma]

She decided to let it ring.. must be her mother calling to find out if she was alright. She was really tired of her mom checking on her four times every day! And then she heard it, a blood curdling scream filled the air. There were sounds of running feet ,followed by another shrill scream! [preethi]

She stood up to see where the sound had come from. It was a bratty toddler throwing a tantrum. The phone was still ringing shrilly. She picked it up. It was not her mother. “Hello”, said a voice from the other end. “Did you get my e-mail?” “Yes” she laughed. “I just finished reading it.” [DotThoughts]

My attempt..
"So?" her sister asked. "So what?" She replied giggling to herself. Her sister replied back annoyingly "You know what I'm talking about! So don’t pretend and be a tease." “OK OK!” She laughed. “I think he’s nice. But you have met him personally so you will know better.” “Thank God!” her sister sighed with relief! [~nm]

Now to pass on the tag, I give it to "Lost on the street" to take the story further!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


How many of you have seen a jugnu (firefly) recently? A week? A month? A year? Or was that many years ago?

I am sure most of us would have not seen one in many years. I am one of them too.

I was mesmerised by the program Betu was watching today morning where they showed fireflies flitting and glowing in the night in a jungle. Although it was an animated cartoon but it brought around my last memory of seeing the fireflies in person. It must have been about 12 years ago. And that memory is still etched in my mind. It was in Bhuvaneshwar and time would have been around 7 pm. It was already pitch dark because sun sets early on the east and I was strolling in front of our guest house. And then I saw a thuja(morpankhi) plant twinkling from too to bottom. It seemed as every inch of the plant had been decorated with electric lights. The entire plant was glimmering because of these fireflies. It was such a magical and mesmerising view that the whole moment is crystal clear still in my mind.

Now that I have been reminded of that memory, I so want to see those fireflies again! With Betu. I so want to see that amazed and awed look on his face. I want to see that gleam in his eyes which I had when I saw that plant full of fireflies!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chocolatey iPhone...

...I would just bite it away if I ever own it! I can one resist not digging in their teeth into something so yummy! Why do these people create something so tempting!

Read more about it here and this is the site that is selling it.

What says you guys?

Friday, June 13, 2008

The jams..

I left home today approx 30 min later than I usually do. Thanks to my cook's disappearance act! It was 9 Am by the time I left the house. And by this time the Okhla flyover and the road to Okhla Phase I is pretty jammed. But today I was lucky that Okhla flyover was pretty clean. It was only the road to Okhla that was jammed. Since half the road on each side has been blocked because of Metro construction in progress, no body can help it as such.

It had suddenly rained around 7 in the morning and had stopped as suddenly too. The sky was still cloudy. and nice cool breeze was blowing. So despite being stuck in the jam I was not getting irritated. In fact because of the crawling speed of the traffic, I could enjoy the trees, growing on both sides of the road, looking fresh and green. Because of the jam I could notice the fresh brown colored leaves that had sprouted on almost all the trees that I could see around. Something that I would not have noticed otherwise while zipping to work.

Its been ages since I held a new baby leaf or even touched it. How soft and translucent they are. Just like our own babies!

On an electric pole I could see two pigeons sitting on the wire pecking each other with their beaks and fluttering their wings.

On the pavement I saw a momma dog with 3 puppies playing and toppling over each other.

I saw the street urchins playing with each other and running around totally carefree. They had made kites using newspaper and tied a string at one end. And they were running holding to the string and the paper-kite was bobbing up and down. And they were so happy!

I smiled looking at all these things. And then I pondered how in our busy schedules, trying to rush from one place to the other, running after one goal to the next, we just do not enjoy such little little things. How our minds are jammed. I felt sometimes the jams in our minds is worse than the jams on the road. The jams on the road can be cleared much easily and faster than the ones in our minds.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celebrating Hubby's birthday...(contd.)

So after a not so good start of the birthday for hubby, it went good on the whole for hubby minus me. Because as soon as I started for work, I saw I had a flat tyre. So off I went to the puncture guy and see this huge line of cars waiting for getting their punctures repaired. On asking how"Kitna time lagega?", he said 1 hour! I just rolled my eyes and told him that he may just change the stepney for me. For that also I had to wait in scorching sun and really bad humidity for 30 minutes before he managed to change it. By the time it got done I was already a blob of wet tissue with sweat running down my back, my tummy, my face, neck..just everywhere!! And to top it, my A/C is not working since its gas needs to be refilled! Bah!! When it rains, it pours!

So after trying to stay awake at work after getting to sleep just for 3.5 hours the previous night, two 5-min snoozes not included :P, I reached home by 6 PM. Did chut-put chores and started to get ready. This time instead of having the party at home we had it at my Appa's club. So I was spared of all the cooking and running around in this bad heat!

The party went damn well. The food was yummy as always! We hadn't ordered cake this time. We always do but Hubby asked not to this time. I don't know why and somehow I also didn't ask him why shouldn't we have one. Betu was clearly disappointed and so were a few other people! :)

We had chilli-potato, tandoori aaloo and hara-kebab for snacks. Ginger-fizz and aam-panna for drinks. For the main course we had Salad, dahi bhalla which was changed for pineapple raita when it tasted slightly funny, kadhai paneer, corn-palak, dum aaloo peshwari (stuffed potatoes), rajma masala and peas pulav along with assortment of rotis (missi roti, butter naan, lachha parantha and tandoori roti). And it was rounded up with Kulfi for dessert.

The best part of the party was everyone got to relax an chit chat to the heart's content.

I had carried betu's crayons and a notebook to keep him busy. He had a company of a little girl "Shubhi" who is exactly one year older to him (They share the same birthday date except the year). And they had a blast playing together! So that gave me lot of time to sit and talk with all.

I haven't been able to download pictures yet so they will follow in the next post. Hopefully soon! A wonderful party for sure it was!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I, me, myself!

Yeah this post is all about talking about self! Before you start thinking I'm so full of myself let me tell ya that I was actually begged to write about myself..OK OK..not begged but tagged! :D And so wanted to me to blow my own trumpets? First came Mama-Mia and then came Shruthi!

So here you go guys!

I'm: one big fat lazy bum!
I think: too much.
I know: I have a bad temper.
I want: a nice long holiday jut by myself.
I have: long hair.
I wish: we had our own house.
I hate: at sudden change of plans!.
I miss: my carefree self.
I fear: clever people who cna twist your arm without even your knowing that.
I feel: wonderful!
I hear: music.
I smell: nail paints, marker smells..yeah I'm weird :P
I crave: good chocolate.
I search: for things that I had kept away a bit too safely!
I wonder: how the god made this whole universe and us.
I regret: nothing.
I love: happiness.
I ache: when I see someone crying.
I care: Yes I do!.
I am not: stubborn!
I believe: whatever happens, happens for good.
I dance: (lets make this a past tense) I 'used' to dance.
I sing: not really..I bray!.
I cry: whenever someone showers love and affection on me.
I don’t always: listen to others.
I fight: a lot with hubby!
I write: Do I write? :D
I win: can I really win something? really?? :D
I lose: the battles with my child.
I never: can resist chocolates.
I always: plan ahead.
I confuse: left with right when giving directions.
I listen: to all but do what I want to :)
I can usually be found: with my blackberry!.
I am scared: of death.
I need: some good sleep.
I am happy about: finally getting this tag done! Phew!

Now its time to pass this on to other fellow bloggers- Life begins, Suki & Manpreet

What a start of hubby's birthday celebrations!

And I hope and pray never again!

Around 11 PM we started to get fluctuations. We called BSES and they did send some people. After checking and fiddling a lil bit they got it rectified and we sent off those repair guys thanking them. "Phew...thank god problem solved" we thought. But a bit too soon!

Suddenly all the light in the house went off except in the area where the switchboards were. We tried to call those BSES guys again but they said its some internal problem so they can't help it. So sitting in sultry humid summer night we sat waving newspapers while hubby went around looking for another electrician which we were told sleeps next to the nearby market. It was already 12:15 am by then. So while we waited for that electrician to come, we all wished hubby a very happy birthday! His parents had also arrived from Jaipur around 10:30 PM.

While we were waiting for the electrician, we realised that power was coming and it was only the light that was giving trouble. So we switched on the AC in my in-laws room and it switched on! "Wonderful" we thought. So off went to sleep Betu with his Dadu-Dadi while me and hubby waited. And finally the electrician got it to working order around 1:40 AM.

After he left, hubby and me managed to have some 'us' time since betu was sleeping in the other room! ;o)

So as I am writing this hubby is sleeping blissfully but after not that great a start! But maybe this is a sign. It may mean that all his hardwork will pay off like it did today. :)

Hope you have wonderful, happy, healthy, prosperous and love-filled year ahead chhona! Love you lots! More than I ever tell you!


Anyways, betu was not able to sleep


Dear hubby was trying to get hold of an electrician around 12 am.

It is 1:41 AM so you can imagine and we just got to our bedroom. So one can imagine

Edited to add: Once can easily see how zonked out I was to be writing such garble as in the italics above and actually post it too!! :P

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Dec 28, 2007 : Nakki Lake, Mount Abu
Title: It sure gets lonely at the top!

This is my entry for the photo topic 'Lonely' that happens every month on Cuckoo's blog.


I saw this fundoo gadget while browsing through some websites today morning. This is a gadget that you wear on your eyes and it displays the movies as if you are watching it on a 62" screen!! Can you beat that!!?? Here is the picture of this gadget and look how small and handy it is -

Read more about it here. This one is definitely on my wish list now :) :P

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When you share the same name..

Me and How do we know have been planning to meet again since last week but somehow it has not been working out. I was to confirm her if we can meet on this Tuesday but I forgot to call. So I called her up today to talk to her and plan for maybe tomorrow. And before I tell you further about our conversation, let me tell you we both share the same name. So imagine the following:

She: Hello?

(Name changed for confidentiality purpose :P)
Me: Annie!
She: Yeah!

Me: Annie!
She: Yeah?

Me: Annie..
She: Yeah??

Me: Its me..Annie!
She: Ohh yaar!! Yahi hoga jab ek naam ke do log baat karenge!

And we both had a hearty laugh :)

Learning to "let go"!

What is exactly the meaning of "let go"? If we go by the definition of a dictionary, it says "Release, as from one's grip" and another one says "Be relaxed". In the context that I'm writing this post, both these definitions go hand in hand.

I feel we have to learn to "let go" at every stage of life. Its much easier to "let go" till we are kids, a tad bit difficult to as we are in out late teens and a lot more difficult when we are adults and/or parents. And the toughest is when your kids are adults themselves.

For some it comes with no effort, for some with a bit of effort and for some lot of effort. And yeah, then there is this other category for whom the words "let go" don't even exist. Because they do not believe in such a concept. The last category of people who can never "let go" will be the subject matter of this post.

I've written once about my personal experience with a colleague in my previous company.

I think the worst situations that I have personally seen are with parents not letting go when their children are adults themselves and even when their kids have become parents too! Just because they have given birth to their child, it doesn't mean that they will 'OWN' them all their life.

And it can be really frustrating for the people to handle such parents who are just not willing to let go. Who want to keep the remote control of their children's lives in their own hands. Despite the fact that they are living in two separate cities. They are the parents who want that their children should consult them even if they are planing to buy something as simple as TV.

And then there are parents who expect that their children should respect them. Why do they get offended if their children eat their dinner by 9 PM and not wait for them till 12 AM when they are coming from a different city? It is taken as being disrespectful.

Why is it taken in the wrong sense if their children decide the menu of a party, without 'consulting' them, which their children are throwing for their friends, where they will not be even present?

I feel in such situations even close relationships start to feel like a burden. You can feel the strain in the relationship which is so very unhealthy. And I wonder is it really that hard to let go? I, as a parent, would never want to be like the parents I talked about above. I'm sure no one would like to be - intentionally or unintentionally.

We all should learn to become unrestrained and be relaxed about it too. Coz if we do not learn to relax after letting go, the whole purpose is defeated.

A while ago I read a post from Sunita where she has also written about this parent-child relationship and how the parents do not accept decisions taken by their own children. They take it as their children have disobeyed them.

I've read and heard of so many cases when parents do not let go of their angst against their children who have taken decisions of choosing their life partners without the consent of their parents. Not even after so many years when they see that the decision their child has taken was so right. And the only reason I can attribute to such behaviours is 'ego'.

What do you do when....

... a colleague, who sits next to you, comes to work with "chameli ka tel" in his hair which is so suffocating that it leaves you gasping for breath because you are trying not to breathe from your nose!!
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Of commenting and having babies...

Before you start scratching your heads at this weird title and think what have these two got to do with each other, let me tell you I've not gone insane and am very much in my senses and this title is what I wanted to write. Its not a typo either. OK will stop confusing you further so read on :)

I got my largest number of comments on a post recently. And off all the posts it was on me thinking of having a baby!! *rolling my eyes*

When I wrote publicly about our decision to have a second child, I was flooded with comments. Yeah..22 comments is called flooding for a blogger like me who gets not more than 6-7 comments on an average :D I was pretty pleased to see that number. And I feel like such a baby when I see people who get more than 50 comments per post on an average. And I wonder if I ever will get anywhere near to that number of comments..I guess ..never..*sigh*..

Anyways, before I start getting depressed, let me hop right back on the the second part of the title i.e. "having babies". All of you who commented on the post kept saying "Go for it" one after the another!! It seemed as if I was hearing an echo. It was an echo for sure but from 22 different people! No wonder that our country's population is so large and growing at such a speed. And why not? Because there is so much excitement and hoo-haa on producing babies :P

And look at all of you telling me to stop posting and start acting on all bratty ones!!

Well, you all gotta wait for couple of months at least to hear the news. When I say couple of months I mean 7-8 months at least. OK? So stop being so excited...sheesh... :)

Some clicks...

...from the trip to Jaipur (May 24-25, 2008).

A Koel in the neem tree in our house!

Gulmohar Tree in full bloom in front of our house!

Had some refreshing 'ganne ka ras' at Raja Park, Jaipur.

Mr Camel is smiling for the picture! :)

Football Lily in its glory in our house!

Ali Baba, Chaalis Chor

I clicked this pic on May 24, 2008 at Bikaner House, near India Gate, New Delhi at approximately 5:30 AM. the moment I saw these pots lined up like that it reminded me of the scene in "Ali Baba and Chaalis Chor" story where the thieves were hiding in the pots.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Saw the movie "Indiana Jones And the kingdom of the crystal skull" last Thursday. It was a premiere at PVR Select City walk and we got invited by Avi bhaiyya (cousin brother) as they had free passes with them.

I loved the movie. Although towards the end it did become a bit too dramatic. I have always adored Harrison Ford and its the first time that I agree that he has started to look a wee bit old what with his sagging cheeks. (I was about to write something naughty here but restrained myself :P)

So do watch it if you can. I don't remember the earlier ones at all so can't compare. Anirudh did get a little scared when those little pygmies started hopping from left, right and center and shooting with their arrows and attacking the movie leads! But he enjoyed having a seat along with a bag of pop corns all by himself!! (Gawd..the pop corns were so expensive..Rs 75/- for a medium one!) We had gotten the last row of seats and you bet they were so comfy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

You know its time to..

..lose those tires around your waist when you don't feel the phone vibrating, in its holster, which is tucked onto the belt of your trouser.