Thursday, September 6, 2012

What do you do when... day you wear a bright colored floral printed pyajama unlike your usual plain colored ones and your 8 year son, with a totally flabbergasted look on his face, asks you "Why are you wearing such girly stuff? Take it off!!"?

And when I responded "But I'm a girl!" was snubbed "But this is tooo girly so wear something else!"

*Rolling my eyes*

Monday, September 3, 2012


Couple of days back  while returning from work, it was raining. And by the time we reached near Vasant Kunj area, I suddenly spotted a rainbow. Ohh how it made me excited. Just like a child. It was almost a full arc, with each color vibrantly glowing and clearly visible.

I kept peeping out at the sky every 2-3 minutes from the car window to catch a glance of the rainbow. I do not remember when I had seen such a big rainbow before. Or for that matter I couldn't even remember when I had seen a rainbow last - big or small.

I wanted to click using my phone but the battery was almost dying. I SMSed hubby about it as he was to pick up kids from the daycare and maybe he will show it to Anirudh. But by the time he reached the daycare, it had turned dark and the rainbow was gone.

Is it just me who gets excited at rainbows even now? Or do you find them beautiful and get excited on spotting them too?