Saturday, April 25, 2009

Debate: Scolding other's children

I would like all of you who come to this Blog to openly debate on the topic "Scolding other's children*".

I've always been on the 'against' side. And thankfully nothing had happened so far to make me move to the 'pro' side until yesterday.

I've always believed in telling the parent about how their kid was behaving and how they should talk to their child about it. Same way I expected others to do the same. But yesterday, at Betu's daycare something happened that I broke this rule of mine and went ahead to scold the child right in front of his mother. The other kid pushed Betu in the splash pool right in front of us even when his mother was telling him not to continuously. If I had not grabbed Betu by his hand on time, he would have totally been in the water but thankfully he went down inlt till his knees. I took BetU out of the pool and bent down to the other kids level and on the top of my voice shouted at him.

Me: why did you do that?
Kid: *no answer*

Me: How many times did your Mumma tell you not to do that?
Kid: *no answer*

Me: How many times?
*the kid tried to look away*
Me: look into my eyes and talk when I am speaking with you.

Kid: 10 times
Me: Then why are you not listening to her?

Me: If I push you in the pool would you like it?
Kid: No
Me: so he (referring to Betu) wouldn't like it too. Nobody would like it. So you will not do it again.
Kid: ok
Me: Now go to your Mumma.

The kid was slightly shaken up after this and I could see my scolding did have some effect him. He has become totally immune to his mother's scolding.

This kid has the habit of troubling other kids and laughs when he sees them in discomfort or not liking what he does. He is just a bit too bratty and I know there are kids who are like that and its normal. But at times it gets too much and today was the day when I felt I had to intervene.

But I know for sure that if Anirudh had done something like that I would have done exactly what I did with the kid myself. There would not have been any need for other parent to scold my child.

I have also seen other parents who react badly to other parents pulling up their kids even when they know that their child has done something wrong and take their side. I find that very wrong. I agree no one would like their child being pulled up but then we have to see the reason and how the other parent is handling it.

I still stand by my rule as I had mentioned above and will not say anything to other's kids directly minus such situations.

Now you tell me what are your views on the same. What would you do and what you won't do? How would you do and how you won't? Any real life examples would be great too.
~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do you do when... make stupid errors of the same nature 3 times in a row? I feel like swatting myself sore :(

I really didn't expect this from myself and feel so ashamed to have these mistakes being pointed out by others. And I don't have any reason or shall we call it excuse for why they happened.

P.S. Work has been terribly busy so no posts on any of the blogs. I hope to resume soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sympathies...but why?

As we all know I've been on my own since Friday afternoon with Betu and hubby both traveling. And since then I've been getting a lot of sympathetic comments and phone calls. Everyone expected me to be feeling down and out, a bit low and missing Betu badly. I did miss him initially and felt quite upset. But from the next day, there was no such 'sad' feeling anymore.

I was doing little little things that I hadn't done in the longest time such as sleeping till 8 AM, watching movies (on DVD), lazing around... and I was having a wonderful time. It was such a wonderful breather to be on your own. Some of my friends were even getting jealous and telling me not to get addicted to it ..hehehe..right Monika and Suma? :D

But I still wonder why some of the other people were expecting me to be sad and depressed because Betu was away. Because I'm a mommy? And are mommies suppose to feel like that? Is it wrong if I didn't feel as they had expected me to?

But today everyone shall be back. And I'm really excited to meet Betu when I pick him up at the station tonight. I wonder how he will react on seeing me. Or will there be any major reaction or just a plain hug? Although I cannot imagine this part but I can definitely imagine his reaction on seeing the chocolate bundt cake that I've baked for him. He is gonna be super happy for sure :D

And pictures of the cake..coz I don't have my camera with me :(

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Missing badly :(

Its been 2 days since last I saw and or touched. But it definitely seems so much longer. There have been so many moments that I felt running towards and end up thinking "How I wish..*sigh*.."

I never knew I had become so crazy about until now. The things have to come such a situation that I'm feeling a bit depressed without. I'm missing really camera. :(

Hehehe..what did you think? I was talking about hubby or Betu? :D

But call me crazy, mad, insane..whatever. But this IS the truth. I'm missing my camera more than I'm missing them. Much much more. Infact I handed over my camera to hubby with a very heavy heart. I was surprised at feeling so myself. I don't know why. It was as if its mine..only mine.

Do you have any such object that you don't even feel like sharing with hubby or people real close to you?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I wonder...

Whenever I'm asked about the age of our son Anirudh and I tell them, lot of people look at me with an expression which I don't know how to perceive. The tones varied from questioning to awed to surprised and to even disbelief. I say disbelief because they ask me the year of birth even after I've told them his age. As if I would be miscalculating his age. Can a mother do such a miscalculation on the child's birthday at least?

And that leaves me a bit flummoxed if they are saying it in positive or negative. If I go by my instincts, very few people have said it in positive manner leaving me wondering why the others respond to it with negative.

Betu turned 5 about a fortnight ago and he is a bit tall for his age which shows he has taken the height gene from his papa who is 6'1". So he is definitely tall but he is not overweight or over sized. To put it in clear cut words he is NOT fat.

How do you all think I should react to such statements? I definitely want to ignore them. Sometimes I do succeed and there are times when I don't and that makes me feel a bit irritated.

Have any suggestions and any real life incidents to share?

Friday, April 10, 2009

A break...

..not from the blogging too much of a chatterbox to do that. I'm talking about a break from the duties of a mother and a wife. As you already know that Betu is away on a holiday trip with his grandparents, today hubby also left for his official tour and they both would be back by Monday night. So till then I've total FREEDOM!!

Some of my friends asked me how am I coping up and I looked at them with raised eyebrows and said, "Coping?? I'm having fun!!" :D

After initial emotional, melodramatic moments, I'm actually enjoying this 'me' time. I've been watching some TV, reading "Sea of Poppies" and finally managed to watch the movie 'Iqbal' after having bought the DVD many months ago. Yeah I know I am invariably late in watching movies. Ok ok..make that VERY late. But haven't you guys heard of the saying "Better late than never"? :D

Anyways, coming back to the movie, I just loved it. In fact I was clapping away loudly and yelling "Yay! Yay!" when the main protagonist "Iqbal' played by Shreyas Talpade, took the wicket in one of the final and crucial match...hehehe... but it shows how much involved I was in the movie and how well made it is. Doesn't it?

And now coming back to my 'break', day 1 of has gone really well. Lets see how the day 2 goes. I'm sure it will be awesome too. I'm so loving this no responsibility, totally chilling out time. But I also know that I would want everything to be back to its routine soon.

I've to have my betu around me even if it means moments of madness. I've to have hubby with me even if it means getting on each others nerves.

Do I sound like one crazy person? Oh well...but you got that right. I AM one crazy person :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First time..

...that I am home without Betu.

Betu has gone along with his Dadu-Dadi to Chandigarh to spend time with his cousins (Bua's kids).

He has been super excited about going for the trip and since the past 2-3 days, every few hours, he would come up and tell me "tachee laga do meri" (he meant attache/suitcase).

And today he has finally left for his trip. As I was walking back on the platform after seeing him off, I felt a big lump in my throat. It took a lot of strength to hold backthe tears. And finally when I reached the car and sat inside I just couldn't hold them anymore.

Now that I'm home the house feels so empty. Its the first time that he has gone away. Although I'm happy that he will have a good time with his cousins, still I'm a little sad in some corner of my heart. Every now and then I feel that lump coming back and its a struggle to hold those tears from rolling down. Its not been even 6 hours since he left and it already seems ages.

He may not miss me as much as I'm gonna miss him and I'm actually glad that he won't. Him feeling upset and missing me will make it even worse for me to handle.

Have lots of fun Betu and Mumma loves you a LOT!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it ok to...

...not wanting to go on a trip with someone (close family) when they are really excited about taking you along?

Somehow I'm not at all inclined to go. And I can't pinpoint the reason. I just know that I don't want to go.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Correct way to weigh yourself

The correct way to weigh yourself:

I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years. Were you too?


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Graffiti, it wasn't.

On the day of holi celebrations, as we were driving down on Khel Gaon marg towards Siri Fort Road, I saw a disfigured board of "Lead India Campaign". In the word 'Lead', someone had added a 'B' in front of 'L' and struck out 'a' and placed an 'e' instead  to make it read "Bleed India". I thought of it as a really bad joke by whoever did it.

But today I learnt that it was not just a disfigurement but a site with that name actually exists. I was very very surprised. Now I don't know if this site existed before the graffiti or did it strike someone to have a website concept like this 'after' they saw that graffiti. hardly matters now. Although once I looked at the website and some of the content up there, it doesn't sound as ugh as it had initially on that disfigured ad. Have a dekho here -

A very funny toon related to layoffs

I really had a good laugh reading this. So sharing with you all too!