Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't...

I know depending on our moods we either like something or not like something. Feel good about something or feel nothing special about it or feel nothing at all.

As I was listening to the song "Zara zara mahkta hai, bahakta hai.." I somehow found it boring yesterday. And this is the same song which I always found so sensuous. ALWAYS! And yesterday it seemed so bland, so slow to me. I was surprised. I thought let me sing along and then maybe I will feel it inside. I tried but it seemed a forced attempt. So I stopped singing and changed the song.

It amazes me that we can feel so different about things at different point of times.


  1. Thats choice of musisc is so much based on my mood

  2. oh! thats one of my favourite songs. Infact in college I used to sing it so much on people's request, I guess people who have lisened to me must have got bored now..including hubby. But it still remains my favourite...but yeah..sometimes we tend to dislike things which we liked happens with me too.

  3. buddhapa jo aa gaya....... :-)) :-))