Friday, October 5, 2007

The middle name tag...

I have been tagged by two people - WIAN and mnamma on the middle name tag and what does the each alphabet stand for. Since I do not have one, I was to come up with a middle name that I would have liked to have.

Its been a week and I've thought over it so many times but somehow I just don't think I would ever want a middle name. But I know I've been awarded many a titles by family and friends that can be almost taken as my second name. So I will not do the tag as such (Sorry WIAN and mnamma) but will write about all these sundry names that I've been ever referred to.

  • Laddoo - Mostly called by my eldest sister. I had been quite a plump little girl till I was about 10 years of age...rolly polly with cheeks bursting out. And also because she says I used to love eating laddoos but somehow I don't remember such fondness for laddoos.

  • Kumbhkaran - Because I have always loved to sleep. And I'm not for short naps at all. I always want those long 2-3 hour kind of sleeps. And I surely justified this nickname of mine :)

  • Chulbuli - That was because of my nature. Always chirpy, happy and at something or the other. Never stay/sit still and giggling away at the slightest of incidents.

  • Halo girl - Appa used to call me that every time I would wash my hair. This was when I was about 15-16 years old (approx 15 years ago) but I still remember this nickname as I would swell with pride since the girl in the halo shampoo ad had such beautiful hair.

  • Nido - I used to love eating Nido - the name of the milk powder from Nestle that we used to get when we lived in Iraq (1983-85).
I'm sure I must have made you laugh a bit and smile a bit with all these funny/weird nicknames of mine. So I'm sure you will all excuse me for not doing the middle name tag :)


  1. Wah, kya naam hai..Loved this post. how was ur holiday??

  2. Thanks for doing the tag NM :)Kumbhakaran was funny :) Chulbuli and halo girl very cute :) I remember the halo shampoo advertisements too :)