Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cricket...and me??

I used to be fond of cricket earlier but somehow in the past 7-8 years the fondness was restricted to only few high paced and exciting matches and probably just the finals of a series. But never fond enough to blog about cricket. In fact I used to tease someone whose every other post was about cricket.

But today looking at how incredibly India won against Australia, I just couldn't resist writing about it. When I mentioned about 'the incredible win' today, one friend said, "Every time India win, its incredible" to my statement. I laughed. He was not wrong in his own stance but today it surely was a incredible win. Miraculous was what Appa called it as. When we were just at 100, Appa had said only a miracle can make India win.

But I guess we can give lot of credit to these tail enders who stuck on and brought the victory in India's basket!

Anirudh also loved watching the match with us and when I was asking him to go to bed around 9:30 PM he said "Cricket achha aa raha hai. Thodi der dekhte hain!" It was such a genuine request which I just couldn't refuse. He sat till the last ball and exclaimed at all the fours and sixes. Truly a cricket fan in the making!

And then I remembered how Anirudh's Mama, one of my cousins - Pankaj, always used to say that soon he will get a real cricket set for Anirudh. This is when Anirudh had not been exposed to any real cricket so far and I used to say we don't even know if it will come to use because we don't know if Anirudh would be fond of cricket or not. But now I can definitely say "Mama, the time will not far when you will REALLY have to buy him one of those cricket sets" :D


  1. I just got to watch the highlights on the news as they didn't telecast it here. Good on the back order batsmen !!

    Just read your post on meeting Kiran Bedi - how lucky ! I admire her a lot too !

  2. Indeed miraculous win!!

    Cricket is life; love it or hate it but can't ignore it :-)

    Good to see Laddoo taking interest in world's best sport :-)

  3. Am back!
    I went through all the good posts :) Loved that elephant and cutlery and lunch boxes.
    9 more for the century? Wow!

    btw I aint no cricket fan but yes, yday was good :)