Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My song today...

As I was driving back home today morning, a song played on and it seemed like just MY SONG at that moment. It conveyed what my sentiments and feelings have been since yesterday night.
Main Jheel hoon, ukta gayee hoon
Ab chahati hoon bahna, baura gayee hoon.
Jo bhi yahan aata hai, khamoshiyan laata hai
Suljhe huye logon se tang aa gayee hoon.

Main jheel hoon, ukta gayee hoon....


  1. Oh my God. First time I've come across someone else who loves this song.

    Yes, I love it too. Especially the power in these lines -

    Paani ka ek sach hai,
    woh sach hai behte jaanaa
    Raston ko chhor dena
    Raste naye banana

    Love Shubha Mudgal :)

    BTW if you're feeling this way, I think this and the "shoonyata" you talk about in your other post point to the fact that you still aren't doing what you really want to live your life for. I feel you need to look in deeper, and find that.

  2. Suki! You just made my day! I was still to find a person who also thought of the song as I did! And yes..those lines are my fave too!

    I love Shubha Mudgal too! She's simply awesome!