Saturday, October 6, 2007

Nature at its best!

The flora and fauna that I saw in my Dehradun trip was just awesome. Its not that we don't get to see these flowers or plants that I saw there in Delhi. We do. But somehow I loved the lush green color and how the colors of the flowers glowed somehow made them feel and look different.


  1. oh those are some pretty flowers.
    i've never been to dehradun, despite having heard rave reviews.
    next trip to india, maybe.

  2. wow!!
    the dream thinggie is spooky. i too sometimes hav repetitive dreams , sometimes if i wake up and sleep again the dream continues... i guess it is called lucid dreaming. u need to think hard and the dream continues to completion or atleast u yourself decide how u want to complete it. once i had to jump from v tall building in teh dream, the dream changed course and gave me a soft landing.. something like this

  3. very beautiful pictures and thanks for doing the tag :)