Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I like it!

I really like it! I got a big big compliment on my driving skills by my in-laws yesterday night. :D

They are visiting us and yesterday I took them out to Sadar Bazaar and then Connaught Place. We were on the roads from 9:40 AM till 3:30 PM. They complimented me saying how I drove through thick chaotic traffic with such ease and maneuvered so well as if I've been driving all my life. Me very happy to hear that. Very very happy!

Who doesn't like getting compliments? Right? :D And especially us Daughter-in-laws from our in-laws :)

P.S. I started driving a four wheeler less than 2 years ago.


  1. from in-laws and on DRIVING? that calls for a BIG cheer indeed. Way to go , ~Nm! :-D

  2. Thats great... and also good to know your driving skills...I really want to drive..don't know when it is going to happen.

  3. That's great! A compliment from in laws is a huge thing. You must really be a great driver. I am extremely scared to drive in India.

  4. hi :

    i agree that getting a comment from in-laws especially about things like driving is a big deal!

    have you noticed how people - friends, relatives, in-laws & parents, and all & sundry - automatically would assume that the hubby would drive well but would be pleasantly surprised when the lady drives as well or maybe better?


  5. hmmm...that might be a nice way of saying 'Jaan bachi to laakhon paaye' :-)

    Just kiddin!! :-)

  6. You go girl! The schmooze award first and then compliments from the ILs. Enjoyyyy! I wanted to comment on your engagement story. It was a bit hectic this week and couldn't comment anywhere much, though I was reading all the posts. Your DH had to go through a blinding fog to win your hand ;) Very cute engagement story!

  7. Wow, I just cannot drive in India, hats off. I always admire women who are in total control and can drive very well. Say what you may, men are usually slightly better drivers than women (generally)

  8. Wow, compliment from in-laws ! way to go :-)

    And thankyou thankyou and many more thanks for the award, and such a sweet thing to write about me.

    I have missed some of your posts on both the blogs but will come back soon to catch-up.


  9. @all : Thanks! It was such a nice feeling hearing them say such good words!

  10. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy, thats some achievement... compliments from inlaws???? wah wah!
    badhaiyaan :D

  11. WoW! Lucky you - I wish and wish I could drive :(
    Great you got compliments from the in-laws :)