Friday, October 5, 2007

A strange dream...

I know I've done enough posts about my dreams but I just had to write this out to maybe get it out of my mind. Its a little spooky and is making me all curious. This dream and its sequel have come to me within the span of 4-5 days. So coming to the point this is what I dreamt -

The Dream (approx 4-5 days ago)
I'm home. There's a female maid at home. There's no one else. I don't even know if I've hubby and my child in my life at that point of time.

A close friend comes over after a long long time. But in my dream I don't see the face of my friend. But the way I was behaving in the dream its obvious he's a good friend. So we go out and sit at the stairs in front of the house and are sipping onto something and chatting. Suddenly a dog comes around from nowhere and is all ready to pounce upon me and bite me. I woke up just then and that was the end of the dream.

The sequel (early morning today i.e Oct 5, 2007 around 3:45 AM)
Again I'm home and there's this maid of mine. Again there's no one else. This same friend of mines comes visiting again after a really long time. And I'm complaining to him saying that why he didn't come for so long (do note that I'm referring to the first visit in the dream which I had 4-5 days ago). So again we go out and and sit at the steps in front of the house and are catching up and suddenly that very same dog appears again and tries to bite me. I somehow dodge the dog away and we try to run back in the house but the dog is also approaching fast enough. And again I wake up at this point.

After a while I checked my watch and the time was 4:03 AM.

I really don't know what to interpret out of this dream. But I do find it a bit spooky as far as the dog and the faceless friend is concerned. But at the same time I'm really curious to find out who is this faceless friend. Who am I dreaming about?

One interpretation that I felt was that maybe dog is telling me in its own way is to stay away from this person. And that makes it even more weird to me as I do not know who this friend is!

I was talking about this with a close friend and she said that maybe my dream is based on the Hutch AD where they show a bull dog :D I really laughed at that but then its not the same breed that I saw in my dream. Its that brownish black tall and lean dog which I have usually seen with a tail cut up really short. I somehow just cannot recall the breed name.

But seriously..I'm sure no one can beat me to the uncanny dreams that I get! *rolling my eyes*

Any of you have anything to say to this?


  1. Check these links for interpretation:
    MSN dreams

    Here's interpretation of dog (from MSN)
    1. Love, loyalty, devotion, obedience.
    2. Strength; a challenge coming up and the ability to meet it.
    3. Something in the dreamer's life is proving to be a "dog"—meaning, less than desirable.

  2. hehhehe..may be time to switch to Airtel :)

  3. This dream must have a significance in your life. The old good friend that always visit you is the Lord Jesus Christ and the dog in your dream as I see it signifies the devil who doesnt want you to become close to that old friend of yours. Do not take for granted since you are dreaming this for consecutive days. I myself dream too, and believe me in 1996 i dream of a certain thing that lasted for a month. every night this thing visited me through a dream. That dream changed my entire life. yearly, I dream dreams that are very significant to me, my relatives and friends. Your dream has something to do with your spiritual life, so try to make a way to find the way of the Lord. I know God must be waiting for you so try to make a way before something which is not good comes ur life.

  4. i think the breed is a daschund or a pinscher.