Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I got to meet Kiran Bedi today!

Kiran Bedi. In person. Face to face. I was so awed. Before I met her I was awed by her personality as I had seen on TV. And when I met her today I was awed by her simplicity and her genuine endearing smile.

About 2 weeks ago, I saw her by chance when I went to meet someone and they are somehow related. So when I saw her walking in the meeting room I was speechless since I didn't expect to meet her then. My mind was going crazy with so many things to tell her and talk to her about but I just couldn't. That day she was sitting a feet away from me and I just couldn't utter a word. I was so out of words.

And today I actually spoke with her. It was a short meeting of about 8-10 mins. But I know I will never forget this meeting ever. And I told her so too. I told her how awed I was with her. And the fact that how I was kind of dumbfounded when I saw her the other day. And that how glad I am feeling to have been able to meet her in person. She was smiling her big smile all the time when I was saying all this and modestly tried to wave off the compliments I was giving her.

It surely is one of the memorable events in my life. It sure is.


  1. awesome! Ive always admired her. Godo for you! :)

  2. WOW! I would have loved to meet het too!

  3. I have always admired her. I missed a chance to meet her when she was a guest speaker at an event here in Atlanta. My friend attended and then chatted with her later. She found Kiran bedi to be extremely down to earth and smart. Congrats!

  4. Kodi's Mom: How I wish I could. Sadly my camera has conked off. :(

  5. My one experience with Kiran Bedi is .. both weird and interesting. And nice. I was in Class 2 I think, about 6 years old. She was the Chief Guest at my school's Annual Function.
    I was given the task of holding the tray with the programs. I'd been told to hold on to the tray,and DON'T MOVE no matter what. Obedient child that I was, I stood rooted to my place, watching everything goggle-eyed, when a sudden breeze blew half the programs out of my hands. I, knowing that I "COULD NOT MOVE", stood rock-still, flustered and about to cry.
    Out of my school founder, principal and Primary Section Headmistress, no one noticed what was going on behind them. Ms Bedi was the only one to notice, come out of her chair, help me collect the programs, and tell me to hold them in place with my thumbs from then on. :).
    She did talk to all of us later, but I was too shy to ask her a single question.

    Hehe, I guess this might become a Kiran Bedi anecdote some day!
    (I'll be copying this comment out onto my blog, and linking to your post. Is that okay?)

  6. Suki: What an incident! And more surprising is the fact that you still remember what you saw in class 2. You must be barely 7 years young then!

    And of course you can link it! :)