Monday, October 22, 2007

My engagement story?

Hmm... MNAmma, I really need to dig long way back on the road to get it out! Its just about two months less than 8 years since this major event happened in my life.

Ours was a typical newspaper matrimonial marriage. With us replying to the various ads in the matrimonial columns of HT and TOI and then proceeding further after the screenings of the grooms by first the Bio's, then by phone calls and finally by meeting them in person.

Going by this same process I met DH after such initial screenings and after each of our parents met each of us, we met at a restaurant, Essex Farms in New Delhi, one fine Sunday evening. By the end of the meeting, which lasted about an hour and a half, we both felt pro for this bonding and told our respective parents about our sentiments. I was floored by his smile and he told me later that he had gone head over heels in love with my twinkling happy eyes.

Soon the engagement date were finalised - January 3, 2000. I guess God had plans to make it memorable in some way or the other despite it being a a traditional arranged marriage. :D

The day before the engagement, when all the out of town guests were supposed to arrive, by afternoon a cloud of thick fog started to form. By 7 PM it had become so thick that one couldn't see anything beyond 5 meters and by 9 PM so much so that if you would put your hand 1 feet away from your face you, there was no way you could see it. I still remember so much tension surfaced because of this as lot of people were driving down from Jaipur, Agra, Gwalior and more such nearby places. Hubby's parents were driving down from Jaipur and they took record 9 hours to reach Delhi. The longest time ever taken by anyone I guess :) My BIL can surely give a more detailed and amusing account of how he drive all the way to Delhi and what an experience it was for him. :D

But luckily by the morning next day, the fog cleared up 97% as if miraculously. A miracle that we all hoped for :)

So that's that about my engagement story!

And now I pass on the tag to Bhuwan, Stone and Guruprasad to tell us about their engagement stories!


  1. ohh reminded me of my engagement day :) DH was starting from Pune the previous day.he had jsut left PUNE and it started raining,pouring,so bad,you couldnt see. finally he arrived at 2 am at his Goregaon residence!Phew..atleast he reached in time :)

  2. It's as if the nature conspired to make it a little more special and memorable:)

  3. You know what, my DH was not even present for our engagement day ! :) Sweet story

  4. That's so typical of Delhi winters isn't it! I'm glad it turned out alright