Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meeting an old friend!

I got to meet my friend - Saroja this past weekend. We met almost after 2 years. It was a trip that we both looked forward too. She stays in Kolkata but stopped by on her way back from the holiday trip to Rajasthan.

We became friends in 12th standard when we had moved there as Appa got posted to Kolkata, then called as Calcutta. We were a group of 6 friends - Me,
Saroja, Sowmya, Monica, Savitri and Jaya. We all had great fun during that one year. But after that we all went to different places to continue our college education. Somehow the contact with them continued for a few years and then after our marriages somehow slowly and slowly we would contact each other once in a blue moon. But it was with Saroja whom there was a constant contact. Be it a call once in two months or just an SMS a month.

Saroja has 2 kids. An elder daughter and a younger son. Her son is just about 4-5 months older than Anirudh. Savitri is now in US with 2 kids - a daughter Shreya and a son Rahul. Sowmya is in Mumbai and has a daughter named Sarayu. Monica is in Gurgaon and is looking for a suitable bachelor. Jaya was the first one to get married and I believe has 2 children too. I never managed to have contact with her once I moved to Delhi after passing out of 12th standard.

Saroja's son Atreyo and Anirduh both had lots of fun playing with each other but then they had their share of terrible fights on toys and activities. Whatever one would want, the other would want too. If one wanted to ride on the swing, the other would want to too at the same time. If one would want to ride on the cycle, the other would want to do so too. If one wanted to watch one program on the TV the other would want to watch some other. And the worst would be when they would both gang up against Dyuti (Saroja's daughter) and she would come crying to us. So now you can truly imagine the situation. :D

I guess its a phase with all the kids. Whoever would get up first from the sleep either in the morning or from the evening naps, would look around for the other :) One moment a shower of love and affection and the other minute they were ready to pounce upon the other. Truly a love and hate relationship.

Here are some pics of the kids having fun!


  1. Cute pictures!Must be nice meeting an old friend. I have lost touch with most of my old friends and I really miss them.

  2. That must have felt great ! I love visiting my school/college friends when I visit India even though they live in different cities. Either they fly to see me or I go and meet them, whichever works out.

  3. Oh my! After reading your post I started thinking about my school and college days. The only friends that I remained in contact with was the college ones and then out of the blue at the start of this year, a classmate in the 8th std, mailed me....that was a very happy day and we mail each otehr from time to time and it is such a special feeling.

    I am planning to meet up with friends from college the next time I go to India and hope I'll make it.