Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Walking - talking birthday alarm!

Its none other than me who I'm referring here. Yup. Me. I have always been referred by all by this name ever since I can remember. And how I felt proud about it! :D

Remembering birthdays and anniversaries was something that I loved. It gave me a kind of happiness. I used to feel so nice and happy that I had wished someone. I always feel that I feel so nice and special when someone calls me to wish on my birthday and anniversary. So they will also feel the same when I call them to wish them. It feels nice to be remembered by others. Feels nice that they think about you. Doesn't it?

But there are a lot of times when I remember the birthday and intentionally do not wish them or sometimes of my forgetfulness. Ironical..isn't it? What I mean by my forgetfulness is that I remember that its some one's birthday or anniversary but during the day I sometimes get too busy with day to day chores and will forget to mail them or call them.

And intentionally because maybe we are not that pally or friendly anymore. Not because of any misunderstandings but because we may not have interacted with each other for long. And then I kind of just remember the person but never wish them.

So that's that about the walking talking birthday alarm! Something which I feel really proud and happy about!


  1. I know what you mean. I am exactly like you in this respect. Though these days I end up not wishing the person most of the times. I am beginning to lose touch with most friends.

    BTW liked the cartoons on one of your previous posts...espceially the "take home pay.." one.

  2. hey ..even i have been addressed by the same name... :)