Thursday, October 11, 2007

Real or fake? - This is just so awesome!

First take a look at the picture below and then read on..Can you even try and imagine what it is and what is it made out of? Besides the fact that it looked like a bunch of roses. Other than that to me it just looked so very beautiful! And it intrigued me so much!

Could you ever imagine that these roses have been crafted from maple leaves? REAL maple leafs from a real Maple tree? Frankly I couldn't.

I'm sure lot of you would go ":O" just like I did. :D

So do you want to know how it was made? I'm sure you all do. Read more about it here.

Addendum: Just now I remembered a paanwaala in Kolkata who used to fold paan (beetel leaf) in different shapes. Although I don't remember where that guy used to sit..I mean which road or location.


  1. wow! thats beautiful..what a creative-imaginative piece of work..wonderful!

  2. Oh but it looks wonderful. I imagine you have to be extremely careful with the slightly brittle leaves. Did a lot of art-work with mango leaves once upon a time.

  3. Sue : Wow! You are an artist yourself in that case!