Friday, September 28, 2007

Utilising the long weekend!

Yes..that's what I like to call it - Utilising :D

Hubby has taken Monday off and we are all off to Dehradun to spend some time with Hubby's sister and Anirudh with his cousins! They have been stationed there for almost 2 years and we finally got a chance to visit them. And everybody is excited about it..super excited. But I guess nothing beats Anirudh's excitement. And he has so many reasons to be excited about!

First, he will get to have a auto rickshaw ride till the railway station.

Second, he will get to have the long awaited train ride.

Third, he will get to meet his cousins, in his words, "Honey Bhaiyya and Sunny". Despite the fact that they both are elder to him, he prefers to call only the eldest one as bhaiyya and the younger one just by name. And we have almost given up on trying to make him say Sunny Bhaiyya.

And this also means no new posts from me till Oct 3'07 at least.

So till then, have a great time and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. hullo,hullo...hope you have loads of fun :-)

    took me a while to reply but yes, am in delhi - was curious to know how u figured the jawahar nagar connection though! psychic or something?

  2. Sounds lke fun. Have a great trip!

  3. Dehradun and the train ride and you wonder why Sonny is excited:)hearing just that even I'm excited!I hope you have a wonderful trip nm and get some pics on the way back:)