Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The urge to get back to the grind!

I did not start searching for another job until this Sunday. I just didn't want to. And whenever anyone would ask me about my job search I would get angry. Angry because it would remind me of the episode with the previous company. I still feel such angst inside me when I think of how I had to quit and how unprofessionally they behaved.

And it made me angry also because I used to wonder why is everyone asking me about me searching for a job? Can't I not work for sometime? Is it something unusual to not to work? But if I think calmly, I know they were just asking me generally and didn't mean anything else but still it irked me. I guess we all are allowed times when we needn't behave sensibly all the time. Right?

But when I was home, I didn't do anything constructive with respect to house cleaning or rather in general house keeping. I just wasn't interested. I've never been a great housekeeper because it never interested me much. When I was working I would attribute it to hectic office etc but now when I'm home I still don't do anything about it. I guess its high time I accept the fact that I am not a good housekeeper. And neither is there a will to be one. It somehow just doesn't interest me.

I was just bored sitting all the time at home with nothing to do. I used to sit in front of the TV but nothing good would be airing. In fact I never even once found a good soap to watch on. So all I got to watch was some stupid home-family-drama soaps which I couldn't survive for even 10 mins, "Superman Returns" dubbed in Hindi and I did try to watch "Gladiator" dubbed in Hindi but couldn't do it after 10 mins.

So over the weekend an urge to start my job search got me in updating my resume and posting it on the various job sites. An urge to get back to the grind. An urge to do something constructive instead of lazing around in the house. An urge initiated by the sheer boredom of being home.

I've never been a home person. I have always been an extrovert. Anyone who knows me since my childhood will vouch for that. Home is nice and good but the need to venture out is quite strong.

Now only time will tell when do I land upon a decent job - a job which matches my terms and conditions. Let's see when...


  1. I would love to be at home and not work. Honestly. Being single, it isn't a luxury I can afford unfortunately. But all the best for the job-hunt, be choosy, you have every right to be :-)

  2. I so know what you mean. I'm a lousy housekeeper too, and not having work to blame makes it harder to explain to myself and others.

    Don't stress too much, I'm sure you'll find a great job - and if it takes a little while, then look at this as a welcome break from your otherwise hectic life.

    All the best!

  3. If I was you I would have been same. Reason is not that you are not a home maker, but what you are going through. The angst that you talk off is the reason for not even making the house. You feel like a rebel.

    So as I have told you earlier , dont be harsh on yourself. Take things easy. And everyone knows that you are a good homemaker. If you don't believe me , ask the ones you believe :D

  4. Hey, girl take it easy. I am sure there is a better job waiting for you. Its better to wait till you get one thats suits you rather than to take anything that comes on the way. Meanwhile, enjoy the break, maybe meet up with friends and explore on hobbies :)
    BTW, I started to write on the tips you had asked for, then wasn't sure what you were looking for? I mean, setting up my own site OR setting up the wordpress blog?

  5. Know what you mean about not feeling like doing anything. I have the weekends free for housework if I'm so inclined, but funnily enough, am not inclined. would rather laze about.

    all the best for finding that ideal job, sweetie. God willing, may you land it SOON.:-)

  6. I'm like you too..not much of a I now what you mean. Good Luck on your job search. Something good will come along soon!

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I hide my housekeeping laziness under the guise of being needed to shepherd brat around through school and therapy, and park and such like. Am itching to get back to full time work too, but guess will hit 40 before that happens...