Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back from hibernation

As some of you have noticed I had been into hibernation - partly by circumstances and partly by choice. If we go by order of correct sequence, 'by choice' will precede 'by circumstance'.

Why by choice? - The place where I was working, the management and I had issues with each other and circumstances became such that I just quit. It was a sudden decision which put me off completely and left me kind of depressed. I was not interested in doing anything. Not even in finding another job soon whereas everyone around me was telling to update my resume and start applying.

Even though I have gotten over my off mood to quite an extent but I guess the anger inside me towards the previous company is so much that it will take time. I even thought of writing a letter to the CEO from my personal email ID to tell him how his management thinks and works. If you differ from their views, you are called resistant to feedback. If you question them about processes to only understand them better, you are called not trying to adjust. If you try to give feedback/opinion form your past work experience, you are told they will look at the project experiences from their company only.

Why by circumstances? - Our home PC had gone kaput and it took us a week to bring it back on. And it worked for 2 days and now its back to square one when I'm unable to connect again. When I called these Internet guys, they said my network card is not working. *sigh*...why does everything come down crashing all at the same time.

Anyhow, I'm trying to look at the brighter side of the life and have decided I will start applying for a new job but not in an aggressive manner and enjoy this unplanned break to the maximum extent I can.

Now a days that I am home, I pick up Anirudh after school and we have lots of fun at home. But there are still days when I let him stay at the daycare and pick him up only at the evening as I do not want him to get into habit of coming back home right after school because I know sooner than later, I will get into a job and his routine will be changed again.

As the title of my post says, I'm back from my hibernation and will resume my writings on here.


  1. Hey ~nm, sorry you had to quit your job this way.
    In my experience these things happen for good and I am sure there is a better job waiting for you :) There is no point working at a place where your skills are not valued.
    As you said, enjoy the break, you never know when you would have to start the rut again :)

  2. All the best and have a nice vacation !

  3. Oh, ~Nm, am sorry.. but you enjoy your break while it lasts and don't get too depressed.

    From what you write looks like your job was only good for the monthly pay cheque. And no one could know better than me how that feels. Every day I wonder if I will put in my papers today...

    So, paint, and cook and take pictures, dearie, .. and blog about it to us... :-) I sure hope your PC doesn't play up, tho'

  4. In these times read this :-)


  5. Oh ! ~nm, hope things get better for you soon.. And that you find the right job ! Good luck !

  6. I was wondering where you went off to, thought it was a vacation. sorry things went sour at work. and as you said, this is a good opportunity to take a break, rehash what you really want to do and go back energized. maybe it might not be a bad idea to write that email after all. an unemotional and practical one might make a difference?

    take care and welcome the change. you always have Anirudh for cheers..

  7. Sorry to hear that NM. Any way, it is just a job. Soon, after you settle down in your new job, sure you will look at this break as an wonderful oppurtunity+quality time with kiddo.

  8. Hey NM,
    Dont worry. Look at the brighter side of life. You have a wonderful hubby and a wonderful kid. A job is not worth being sad about.
    God always has something better in mind for us when we feel otherwise. So, best wishes and have faith :)