Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Of blogging and comments!

May 3, 2007 - my first post and the beginning of my blog in this big big world of bloggers! I had been reading some since a long time but somehow never got into starting my own. Don't ask me why. Probably laziness? Could be :D

Its only when two people..close people..asked me on the SAME DAY "Do you write?" that got my rusting brain started to think about starting one of my own. I was quite amused as how can two different people in two different parts of the world can ask the same question on the very same day. But being the lazy me, I still tried to ignore the sudden inner urge to start my blog thinking its again one of those whims and I will never be able to write often and it will just rust away as my diaries did - the ones I wrote in college days.

But I don't know why and how, I was at work and suddenly I just opened the notepad on my PC and started typing away. And there has been no stopping since then. It has become a kind of an addiction. If not writing, I HAVE to read some. It feels a little incomplete inside when I haven't had a chance to write or read any blogs in the entire day. And those have been very very rare days :D

It gives me a certain kind of kick to my daily routine life. My blog and my son's blog which I started soon after starting mine are my means to ooze out the thought waves gushing in my mind and it gives me a some kind of happiness and satisfaction. It relieves my stressful mind in its own way. I never tried to think too much about 'Why' and 'How' it relieves me. Maybe one day I will try to get into that self introspection too. Knowing me I sure will.

Through this blog I have had the chance to walk down the memory lane reminiscing some good and some not so good moments that had been buried deep down. I had so much fun writing about
my great grandparents as I almost relived those moments with them. This is just one example. There have been other moments too but I don't want to go on and on with links after links :D

And its not just the fact that I feel good about posting, its really good to see people commenting on your blogs too. I feel happy to read what other bloggers have to say about what I write. Their opinions, their thoughts make my horizons grow larger. Many a times they help me think beyond. I feel its good to have some friends who don't know you except through your blog. I really like the chain of other blogger friends that I've made.

Some may say instead of gloating over you virtual friends you should go out and make some real friends. But I guess I like the ease that's there in this virtual world. No commitments and still they are your friends. No one is judging you over how well or how bad you write. You just write and the world reads. They rejoice in your happiness and they feel sad in your not so happy moments. The rejoicing or sadness may not last more than a minute but for me its more than enough to feel and create a kind of a bond.

I'm happy I started my blogs. Really Happy!


  1. Ditto my thoughts. I love this virtual friendship. My day doesnot start without some of them.Their kids pictures brighhten my day. They sometimes give me something to scratch my rusting brain. Its so much fun. I just love this :)

  2. I totally agree with you. Ever since I started my blog in March this year, I am addicted to blogging too. There are some blogs that I have to read everyday and Of course I enjoy reading the comments on my blog. You have a great blog. Keep writing!

  3. Have a tag on fetishes coming up. Guess what one of mine surely is- blogging. It sure is addicitve, pal!

  4. You said it. There are things in life about which we don't feel like 'talking' to anyone. Still we would like to let out our feelings/frustrations/whatever somewhere. I started my blog to record this particular stage of life (my pregnancy and baby's growth) but ended up with a lot more. And I am happy about it.

  5. That was a nice post ~nm. I agree with you all the way here ! Blogging is mighty addictive.

  6. Yes, nm!
    I never thought I would end up blogging so seriously. It gives me a kick to get the comments.

    But I am more of a reader and hence the slow pace at which I write. I love to read and comment!
    And yes its fantastic to make so many friends and meet like minded people!