Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stupid things that we say...

We all at some point of the other say some stupid things which we feel so embarrassed about and would love to hide ourselves somewhere! Don't we?

One really REALLY stupid thing that I said was to a friend of mine looking at her children. I said something like "Its amazing how two siblings can be so different making me wonder if they both are from the same set of parents!" :P

I am so glad she was a close friend and didn't take offense but had it been anyone else they sure would have. She just laughed it off.

Any of you done/said anything like that?


  1. Me too..There are so many instances that I do not wish to count them at all!!!

  2. You are not alone. I'm sure I have said many such things at different times. I just don't recollect any at this point. Poor memory is not a bad thing after all :-D

  3. I have always had such foot in the mouth situations in plenty. I am famous around my work place and friends for the same. I think we all have such moments!

  4. Sometimes I do that intentionally ;-)

  5. Too many to recollect. Once I called one of my friends a fat one, considering that she was not a very good friend. Since then she kind of scorns at me every time she looks at me. Dint mean intentionally though.