Thursday, September 20, 2007


I saw a picture of a chocolate bar - a REALLY big bar and I had to write about the chocolates and my love for them. :D I'm sure there are so many out there who share my love for chocolate to the same degree if not more. But before I write further, let me share the pic I saw..I'm sure you will also go "WOW..thats so interestingly tempting!"

(Images courtesy
Wasn't I right? The moment I saw this pic I was ready to bite in this chocolate bar!

And can you imagine, I had just written the title of the post and I got up ..almost in a if someone had hypnotized me, walked up to my fridge, took out the Hershey's Kissables from my freezer and started to chomp on them. And only after I had chomped down a few that I started writing the actual post :D

Chocolates have been my fav fav item ever since I can remember. I can almost hear all my close family members and friends saying "Ohh yes!" in unison ..hehehe...

I'm sure we must have had varieties of chocolates but somehow earliest memory is of a 5-star which Ma used to judiciously cut up in 4 equal portions and give it all four of us. I still wonder how did she manage to slice them up in such precision leaving us no chance to squib over who got a larger portion.

How my youngest Mama-Mami would get us Hershey's Kisses and mini chocolate bars. Those Snickers, Bounty, Mars, Twix, Toblerone and there are so many more. The list cna go on and on.
Snickers had been my all time fav and probably would still be its just that its been ages since I had one...a self imposed ban looking at the the growing sizes :D I just love the flavour of peanuts with chocolate.

And who can forget those melt-in-the-mouth After Eight. Yumm.. I can still feel the taste of it in my mouth when I try to imagine it :D

There are so many more brands and flavours of chocolates that I've eaten but somehow can't seem to remember at this point. So whoever is reading this, you all have got a gift idea to give me to revive my memories or shall I say taste buds about them!

However, lately my chocolate loving taste buds have had to satisfy themselves with the likes of Munch or Perk or KitKat. Just so that they have less of chocolate and more of wafers giving a (false?) satisfaction that they won't be adding much to my growing weight!


  1. Its 11:00 pm here. I need chocolates NOW!

  2. ~Nm, not fair! The fridge in office just doesn't have chocolates stored in it... and I want one! NOW!
    How can you do such things? drool drool...

  3. You are evil!!tempting me with those yummy chocolate pics:)I still love the 5 star and Hershley's kisses. Now my obsession is more to dark chocolate..especially the Lindt dark chocolate and orange..Yum yum!I think i have to go get one for myself now..look waht you have done:):)

  4. :(( I am hungry!!!
    Why do you do this to me, NM :P