Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's in a name?

I've been tagged by Moppet's Mom about writing the funny/weird/cute/sweet names that we used to or still call our little one with. makes me think..yes for a change it made me think :P

OK, jokes apart ..yes we have been calling our Anirudh also with different names but have not been as innovative as other's I read have been :D Let me start from the beginning.
  • Before he was born, we used to refer our little baby with a girlie name because we didn't know what we were having and me nad DH both were hoping for a girl. So we used to refer to him as 'Mitthi!'

  • When Anirudh was moved to our hospital room after his birth and his Papa got to hold him for the very first time he addressed betu as "Aur Mr. Mittal? Kya haal hain?". We all had such a good laugh hearing that!

  • I started calling him as 'Betu' and 'Nannu' (distorted from the word 'Nanha' - meaning small). You may find the nickname mera 'Bachhda' (calf) funny which I started using to call him when he was about 2 months young. I know some one in my house used to make fun of that and ask me if I was a Cow. And I would jokingly say "Ofcourse! I produce milk these days so I can definitely be called one and he as my calf!" :D

  • And soon names like Pyaaru, Chhona, Meethu, Bammashu (the word Badmash distorted) were being used. When he was about 6-7 months young, we had taught him how to raise his hands when we would ask him "Anirudh kitna meetha?" and he would raise them really high over his head!" And sometimes we even used to ask him "Anirudh kitna bammash?" and he would raise his hands again!" Hehehe.....

  • Then when he was about 2 yrs when he could repeat our words and learnt his nicknames, then our conversation went something like this -

    Me: Anirudh kya hai? Mumma ka...
    Betu: Meethu!

    Me: Aur mumma ka....
    Betu: Pyaru!

    Me : Aur mumma ka...
    Betu : Bammashu!


  • And now since the past 7-8 months he understands that badmash means not good, so here is how our conversations have changed now

    Me : Mumma ka paaru kahan hai?
    Betu: Yeh raha (Pointing at himself)

    Me: Mumma ka meethu kahan hai?
    Betu: Yeh raha!

    Me: Mumma ka chhonu kahan hai?
    Betu: Yeh raha!

    Me: Mumma ka bammashu kahan hai?
    (Will be silent for a second and say..) Main bammash nahi hoon. Main Good boy hoon!

  • One nickname that DH will kill me for writing here which he uses ..though rarely but it sure is funny hearing DH say that. It has happened so many times that when Anirudh is watching TV he just listen to us calling him our and will never budge from his seat. So sometimes to use that to our advantage, me and DH go to our bedroom to chit chat and cuddle. And invariably, Anirudh would turn up within minutes looking for us :D And then DH will say "permanent kabab mein haddi!" and we will both laugh! And then DH will carry on to cuddle and play-fight with him and you can hear them both laughing and giggling away.

  • Andy - This is how his Chachi-Chachu call him with. His Chachu says that Andy sounds fancy and trendy. When Anirudh was very young..just a few months of age his Chachu would call him as "Puchhu Baby" and would keep kissing Anirudh on his cheeks.
Now to continue with the pass-the-tag-on, I pass it on to Y, NotunMa and Boo. Let's hear it out from you all too!


  1. :-)

    Interesting. Yes, yes, will do!

  2. LOL on the 'kabab mein haddi' name.

  3. :-)

    "And in what other's call him tag" (I know there is no such tags doings round) -- for record I call him 'Laddoo' :-)

  4. Very nice! No particularly embarrasing ones here. I must, must stop with mine! :-)

  5. The bammashu dialogue is so cute. :-) LOL at permanent kabab mein haddi! We have one here too!! :-D

  6. awww such a cute post! LOL at kabab mein haddi! I like the sound of bammashu - think I may steal it ;) yes, your DH will come after you before your son does.

  7. I like the Bammashu too:)LOL about the haddi.This tag's really cute!

  8. Stone: Ohh can I forget the nick that you gave him! And I really like it! He surely is my laddoo which I would love to eat up one day!

    @all : Thanks