Wednesday, September 26, 2007

About the Birds and Bees after becoming a mommy!

I was tagged by JLT to write about the doing 'it' post the baby number 1! I had been reading a lot of bloggers on their views/ways on how do they go about doing 'the' thing once they had their child. Some were quite innovative or shall I say adventurous and some were the plain as-and-when-you-get-time!

And we are no different and fall into the latter group only. Till Betu was a baby, it was not an issue at all. But now when he's quite a big boy (3.5 yrs young) we are quite tired by the end of the day/night after whole day's work and then there would be days when Betu just wouldn't want to sleep on time.

So basically it was a combination of 'not being tired'+'betu fast asleep'. The desire may not be there all the time. Sometimes the desire comes in when you start doing 'it'. At least thats how it is with us.

I ain't tagging anyone on this specifically. So excuse me for that! :)