Friday, September 21, 2007

Dreams or Nightmares??

I was tagged twice to do the 'Tell your dreams" post. Once by Naina and then by MNAmma. Wow! I feel so great looking at the fact that I'm finally getting my feet gaining a bit of firm ground in the blogging world! :D

Although I've already done the tell-your-dreams tag in a way long back. I say in a way because it was just a post about funny dreams in pregnancy! But then when looking at 2 people passing it on to me again I thought I will write despite I had already told them that I had already done the tag. And moreover, that post was about pregnancy dreams specifically I will write about my other dreams.

My other post on dreams was long back ..OK not so long back..a post that I did in July'07. This was a post where I wanted to do away with my dreams. Because if I had dreams I didn't wake up nice and fresh.

Anyhow, coming back to the weird dreams one dream that I quite frequently see is that some monster/animal is chasing and and I'm running and then suddenly I start flying...really FLYING! Up in the sky soaring like a bird...or shall I say Superman? hehehe..although I'm not doing an saving-world-from-evil work like superman! :D

Another set of dreams that I usually see is that me and some of my friends are on an adventure trip. I don't see the faces of my friends though. And we are waving our ways through the jungle, overcoming obstacles and feeling victorious at the end..although not always. Many a times I would wake up in the middle due to some scary incident in the dream itself. :D And these kind of dreams I've been getting since I was in 6th or 7th class. Sometimes I wonder if I can attribute these set of dreams to reading too much of Famous Fives, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew' and Agatha Christies! :D

And yes, how can I forget about a dream where I'm visiting my sisters in US. But the funny part in those dreams is that the surroundings etc that I visualise are all from India but not of one single place. It would be a mix of various places I've visited ever in my lifetime. So imagine my society surroundings with the garden and swing from my in-laws place in Jaipur and a terrace-balcony from my Appa's house in Ghaziabad which has a south Indian canteen that I saw at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore when we visited my BIL-SIL in February early this year. Funny, isn't it?

I guess I've left with lot of humour of my funny dreams to bring a smile on your faces! Enjoy!!

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  1. Hahahha..funny ..esp the last ones ...would not have laughed so much if u wud have said u saw taj mahal in US , but a hospital canteen :P
    But even i see such dreams. Sometimes i see my old office with new collegues. Sometimes my school/college friends in a wedding from in-laws side and what not :)