Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our sumptuous breakfast!

On special request from DH, here's what I made for breakfast today -

So the menu included Rava Idli's, Coconut Chutney and Sambhar. The DH and Betu thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast which almost turned into brunch because first we had it around 11 AM and secondly because we all had them in such quantities. We all love rava Idli's that we make from the MTR ready mix in which you just need to add curd and some bit of water.

I usually do not make sambhar when I make this dish for breakfast but last time when I just prepared chutney and idli, Betu asked "Sambhar kahan hai?" and refused to eat without it. Why? Because his school serves them Idli with Sambhar. So Idli HAS to be had with Sambhar. Thus that day I had to hurriedly make sambhar just to appease my little god! Jeez..even my MIL wouldn't have been this particular :D


  1. hahahaha...I liked the last line :-)

  2. my share ????? ...bhoooooooooohh

  3. Stone : :D

    Swati: You stay in bangalore where you can eat them as and when so easily..and you still crave for them?

  4. Lovely mouth started watering!

  5. Ur little god's wishes have always to be complied with..right...So whats the next wish?/

  6. Cool blog. I have been going through your archives and also sonny's blog and you write well. And the kid is really cute!

  7. :( Its almost 11 at night and u made me hungry .... hehehe

  8. I lurve rava idlies too!the spread looks lovely:)and you are right the little god's wishes take utmost priority nowadays even at my home. Ah,the wicked powers they wield!

  9. its amazing what a good, hearty breakfast can do for the day!

    and stuff like idlis & dosas are universal favorites. and so are 'hot poha with sev topping', upma (especially with peas and potatoes and cabbage and all).

    have you noticed most of us prefer hot breakfast instead of cold porridge, cornflakes, etc.? or am i generalising?

  10. rdbans, naina : Thanks! I can proudly say they were actually very yummy! :D

    timepass : ofcourse they have to be complied with or you face the consequences of hunger strike :D

    Anumita : Thanks

    WIAN : all I can do is grin so :D

    Fuzzy, even I loved the spread when I saw it hung at our local haat bazaar. And yes..really wicked powers they yeild *wink*

    Guru : Yes, if not hot, it has to be atleast warm food. No cold porridge or milk-cornflakes for me or my family either..


    At least a recipe? Please?Pretty please?

    :puppy eyes:

    BTW, do you traditionally use curry leaves in the coconut chutney? i have a sneaky feeling that's a North Indian variation.

  12. suki: What recipe yaar... Its a MTR ready to make idli's in which you just need to add curd and water and leave it for 10 mins and then put it in the idli mould and steam either on gas or microwave and its ready to eat.

    As for coconut chutney, yes I do put curry leaves in it along with the roasted gram. And BTW, I'm not a south Indian but a 100% north Indian :D

    One of my south Indian friends had suggested me to add roasted peanuts in it the chutney too for a variation in taste. I've yet to try that out.

  13. nm, you must try adding peanuts in the coconut chutney. You must! I know you would love it.
    The breakfast looks really yummy!