Thursday, September 27, 2007

Everything has to go wrong all at the same time!

Have you noticed or has it ever happened with you that when one thing goes wrong, every other things also decides to go wrong at the same time?

Its been happening with us since the past 3 months. And its still going on...sigh...

It first started with our fridge conking off and the company took almost 2 months to get it up and running. First they said, gas is over and it requires refilling. Even after 3 refillings, it wasn't working properly, so we were told its the timer that's not working. Fine, got it changed but to no avail. It still wasn't cooling fine. It would work for an hour and the next 2 hours it would stop working and then would start cooling again. So the next thing we are told the compressor has conked off. I literally bashed them asking them to decide on one thing as to whats wrong with it. And to stop trying to do the trial and error way of rectifying things. This time it worked and touch wood its still working.

And when the fridge was still not up our washing machine started giving trouble. And were we glad we had taken the annual maintenance plan just a week before it started giving trouble. Otherwise we would have already shelled out almost 7 grands on the PCB board and then on the shockers and some other tidbits.

Then came the turn of the PC. As I said it was like a chain movement which seemed like all these household appliances had planned between themselves. So it took us almost 2 weeks to get it up and running and then after working fine for 2 weeks the Internet stopped working. We tried this and that and then the ISP guy asked us to try and change the network card as that could be the issue. a new one and changed it and bingo! It started working fine!

It had been just about a fortnight when the PC started giving trouble again..this was last weekend. The monitor was giving trouble. At least that's what we thought because when we got our neighbours monitor and plugged it into the system, the system booted on just fine. So when the repair engineer came, and tried to hook on our original monitor with the system, not even once did he face any issue. The problem just refused to come up again! He tried many a things so that he can reproduce the same problem that we were facing but it just wouldn't come! I was so shocked and angry that I can't describe in words. And then I remembered the old Hindi saying "Doctor ko dekh kar mareez theek ho jaata hai" (The best English translation that I can think of which describes the meaning of this phrase is "The patient gets fine on just looking at the doctor")

So that was that 2 days ago. And about half an hour ago I thought let me switch on the TV and what do I doesn't switch on? Its not getting any power. I tried changing various plug points where some other appliance was working fine but nopes..nothing happened!

So you see..from Fridge to Washing Machine to PC and now the TV! Uff...when will this come to an end?


  1. awww !
    I had come here to give you the news that you are tagged...
    But dont worry. It happens with all. I have been through it too sometime back. I know its so frustrating!
    It will end soon. Dont worry

  2. that sounds craaaazy..hope things 'fall' into place soon. not literally, ofcourse. haha.

  3. WIAN: I hope soon comes real soon!

    Mona: You are too funny!

  4. I know why I see so many posts from you TODAY (on both blogs) TV ..hehehhe

  5. wow! Time to buy new stuff!!

    Just kidding. Hope things work out. Good luck!

  6. When it rains, it pours!!

    Hope it stops soon...