Monday, September 17, 2007

No luck yet...sigh...its so frustrating..

Its been little more than a week since I started looking for another job and I'm frustrated already. Not because that I haven't landed on a new one but because of the expressions, the outlook the response I've received so far. Its just pathetic.

I've spoken with about 4-5 consultants and about 3 companies directly and to some in person as well besides replying to various openings that I received through emailers or openings advertised in job portals. And the moment I utter the words "time-constraints-coz-I've-a-child", they go 'Ohh ok. We will get back to you' and they never do.

Why is this outlook meted out towards working mothers? Are the womenfolk not supposed to work once they have a kid? Why do they think only working long hours makes one an efficient and sincere worker? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Having been working in the IT industry I very well know for the fact that those who stay late at work, how much time do they waste whiling away in smoking or chit chatting or just doing nothing. But just the fact that they are visible at work premises much beyond the regular working hours, they are deemed to be hardworking employees. I used to despise such thought process earlier and despise it even more now when I realise this thought is prevalent across the industry.

I really don't know how soon or late will I be able to get a decent job looking at my experience in just one week. I know it might be too early to reach a conclusion and with so many telling me something nice and bright must be in store for you and I just need to wait and watch but its not working guys. Its just now working. Its not being morally supporting at all. Sigh....


  1. Hey nm,
    Cheer up girl..
    If you don't find it, it will find you..
    Just give it sometime !

  2. Hi,

    I am an avid reader of your blog but till now refrained from commenting. I enjoy your simple posts very much.

    I myself work in IT sector & and I completely agree with you. I devote my 100% time to my work when I am in office. [I don't even browse/blog like you during that period ;) ] but when I want to go home on time, all eyes start looking at their watches. I believe in quality & not on quantity.

    Cheer up, the job thing will happen soon. Enjoy the free time with your son. These days will go well in moulding him in a better person and both of you will cherish this down the memory lane. :)

  3. Don't tell consultants abour time constraints about this to company ..thats the last thing to talk about. Thats my advice.

  4. :-( I'd been thinking that at least in the IT industry you got to work from home and stuff like that. Doesn't work that way?

    And yeah, consultants don't really help in pushing you- they just match you to the right job- if its there. Why don't you go and register your cv with all the company websites?

    Good luck :-) one week is too soon to get bugged, enjoy your bonus time with Anirudh.

  5. I think these are some good advices from Swati and JLT. I don't know how quickly you find a job in the IT branch but I think it is too early to get frustrated. Why don't you go out with Anirudh. Make him skip his day care and go to the zoo or some nice park or whatever and as you might say it : freak out!
    Make the best of it.
    And Good Luck!

  6. hi :

    this post prompted me to put one up myself, which you must read.


  7. Hang in there, NM. Something will work out. Better that you take the time and find a job that suits you than just get back for the sake of getting back. Good luck!

  8. Monster and naukri are good too, and all consultants consult these :-D.

  9. NM !
    Patience pays! Am sure there is something good waiting for you. Meanwhile enjoy with Anirudh!

  10. NM !
    Patience pays! Am sure there is something good waiting for you. Meanwhile enjoy with Anirudh!

  11. @all : Not finding the job is not what I am finding frustrating. Its the attitude that find so.