Friday, September 7, 2007

Weird dreams during pregnancy about the baby!

I recently read a post by Shruthi about a dream that she remembers from her pregnancy. It reminded me of my two very weird dreams. And when I say very weird, I mean VERY WEIRD. Read on and you will agree with me

~ Dream 1 ~
I've a friend over whom I'm meeting after the longest while and we are talking and talking and talking and suddenly I feel uneasy. And I'm like "What the hell..I'm so bored with this pregnancy. Let me take the baby out." So what I do is scoop my hand inside and pull out the baby! :P

(I woke up all sweaty after this dream and couldn't sleep for a really long time. I'm sure anyone in my place wouldn't have been too sleep either.)

~ Dream 2 ~
I'm holding our baby who seemed to about 2-3 month young and I'm trying to nurse him but somehow its not working. The baby is not able to suckle on and we both, the baby and me, are getting irritated. Suddenly the baby "talks to me" and says "Bottle se pila do na!"

I stare at the baby mouth open wide because my lil infant can talk ..already?? And then I just scurry up to bring the bottle of milk as suggested by the baby :D

(I was in my 8th month of pregnancy when I saw this dream and it had me amused for many a days post that day. )

Any of you had any such dreams..weird/funny/amusing kinds?


  1. LOL!
    Ohh man I got some really weird dreams - baby being born with teeth, baby born with horns, and worse, baby born with diapers on, baby saying "Hi mom" the moment it was born, baby going back into stomach after it was born because it didn't like the world... and these were only baby dreams. If I start relating non-baby dreams, I could go on and on.... I got the weirdest possible dreams! I then read that it is quite normal for this to happen during pregnancy, so I was reassured :D

  2. ~Nm LOL at your first dream. If only it WERE that easy...LOLLL!

  3. Thank goodness I did not had any like that :O

  4. Shruthi : Am I glad I didn't have so many dreams of such kinds?

    JLT: yes..'if only'..hahaha

  5. The problem with me is I forget my dreams :)
    Let me juggle my memory...