Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Me & My Blackberry!

And ever since I got my Blackberry - thanks to my eldest Jijaji and got the services enabled, life's been so different. I can be lying on my bed at night and can catch up with my sisters in US or a friend through either GoogleTalk or Yahoo!IM. I can write and reply to mails using it - whether personal or official. I can browse the web and read the blogs - YES!...all through my Blackberry! Its a BlackBerry 7100g model - an old but good enough for my requirements!

Whatever part of the country I'm, I'm connected to the Internet. Who needs to carry a heavy laptop just for the net connection now! :D It reminds me of the time when we were travelling to UP in mid of May for a cousins' wedding, I was almost giving hour to hour updates to my SIL/BIL/MIL via chat. :D They were quite excited about the wedding but due to some constraints weren't able to make it for the wedding.

And it turned out so much cheaper too since there's no extra charge on Internet connectivity on roaming but a lot if you SMS or call. So worked out great for all of us. :D

And when I don't want to use the Internet, I've my default game that comes with it 'Brickbreaker' to the rescue. Its an age old game but I really love it. Have been playing for almost a year now and am still not bored of it. Now DH is also addicted to that game.

So to summarise.. I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY! And THANK YOU Jijaji!


  1. First time I am checking this blog of yours. You stole my words in this and the previous post. I recently got an iphone and boy Am I addicted? I am in the software profession, with laptop/internet all morning. Now with iphone, I surf while nursing Dlittle during midnight feeds at 2:00AM, 5:00AM. I thought I am one of the very few needing therapy, happy to see more to the community.

    Sorry for the mini post.

  2. Ok, I'm too jealous to say anything nice.


    Have fun !

  3. bhere r u? bhe are missin you!!

    Now use your Bhlackbherry and bhhlog!!!