Monday, July 30, 2007

Life in a ...Metro

I saw the movie "Life in a ...Metro" on Saturday! So as you can see the attempts to watch one movie every weekend has been working good so far. Hehehehe...

I had actually gone to get JBJ but it was not available. The only ones that were available and interested me was this movie. And why did it interest me? Because I loved the songs of it :D
I don't know if I can I liked the movie or for that matter if this movie can be judged about being liked with respect to the storyline. But if you talk about the roles and acting of the various 'kirdars' (actors) it was good. I especially loved Konkona Sen and Irrfan Khan. They both were too good and only because of them the light humour in the film persisted. Otherwise it would have become a very heavy, serious kind of a movie.

The movie is about infidelity, and infidelity and some more infidelity. Some bit of relationships and some bit of romance dashed with bits of humour have been added to the main storyline.
All the small stories in the movie were intertwined quite nicely. But I really don't know what they showed about infidelity and how effortlessly people are doing it, is something which is real. Another fiction? Really don't know. So for me the movie was something to just watch and absorb.

What I did enjoy were the interactions between Konkona Sen and Irrfan Khan. The scene when Irrfan Khan is sitting on the ghodi(female horse) in the baraat on his marriage day, Konkona comes and says she loves him. And he reacts in a so nonchalant manner "itnee der se kyun bata rahi ho. Ab to blouse-petticoat bhi uske size ka sil gaya hai!"(Why are you telling me so late. Now even the blouse and petticoat have been stitched in her(referring to his would be bride) size!) was just too funny!

On the whole its a nice movie but one has to decide if one wants to watch a movie on this topic. If you want to, you will like it. Otherwise not.


  1. It was kind of 'one-time' watchable movie.
    Songs are really good but picturization was badddd, 1-2 songs tak theekh tha but for every song woh teen bande(or bandar) screen pa raa jaatey hai, watching their close-up after every 10-15 mins..not a pretty sight :-) and unmein se 1 to over-acting ki dukaan tha, lag raha tha jaise duniya ka saara gum ussi ko :-)

  2. have this and Cheeni Kum waiting for me at home. Just waiting for the unwanted guests to push off.:( (read my blog)

  3. I am one of those who also liked the movie. Konkana and Irfan are the best part of the movie and songs especially the one where Shetty says goodbye to Shiney is one of my favorites. I pretty much watched it with low expectations and perhaps that's why I felt it wasn't that bad as it was made out to be.

  4. I liked the movie even though people say its been copied from many others. Loved Konkona and Irfan :)
    Songs are too good too. Yeah, even I wasnt so disappointed

  5. I watched it too the last weekend. Some late lolitas we are huh?

    I also had the same reaction as you, OK movie but you have to be interested in that sort of thing

  6. Yea, Life in a Metro was a good one. I recently picked up a few on infidelity from the French cinema which turned out to be much more stark and emotionally disturbing as compared to bollywood and hollywood movies on this topic.

    What they showed in Life in a Metro... especially all the scenes between Shiney and Shilpa were simply superb. Overall, humor was the saving grace... god bless irrfan khan!