Tuesday, July 17, 2007

But he's a great guy too!

In one of my previous posts I ranted about what irritates me about DH. But that's just one side of the coin. If I look at the other side of the coin, there are tons of things which I can list out which I really love about him.
  1. He's completely taken over getting veggies and fruits. So the situation is such that I am totally unaware as how much what is costing these days.
  2. I never have to wake up early on weekends when my maid rings the bell at 6 in the morning! He always gets up and lets me sleep on! I just looooove him for that! :D
  3. I don't have to bother about getting my car serviced or anything that needs to be done about it! He takes care of it completely!
  4. He's always so supportive about my career and its growth. In fact sometimes I become a bit easy going on it and its him who tells me how good I am and how further I can go if I want to.
  5. He's the reason I started blogging. He used to tell me so often that I really write well whether its a simple personal mail or anything official. So with his frequent raves about my written communication skills, it made me think that probably I CAN write fine and that's how I started this blog.
  6. He LOVES my cooking. :D After every dinner party hosted in our house he will say "Nothing beats the kind and quality of food we have in our parties" And since 99% I cook at home I take it as a big big compliment :D
  7. Its because of him that I try out various styles of clothing. I used to shy away from wearing them but because he used to tell me that they will look good on me and I'll look just fab, that I tried them out and now when I look at myself I know that he was right :D
  8. I love that he loves golgappas too! I love them way too much and since we have this thing in common we eat them a lot and have identified one in certain areas all over South Delhi and stop by them all so often!
  9. I love those unexpected hugs and cuddles that I get from him.
  10. I love the secure feeling that I get when he's home and I know I can depend on him and that he will always be there.

So when I hate certain things about him I love lots of things too! And I guess I'm allowed that...right?


  1. there you go!!!
    and w/o the blacks to balance these whites, life would be single-dimensional, isn't it?

    I take it you guys made up then? ;)

  2. Kodi : It was not a fight that triggered that post. I generally was so tired of these issues happening so very often.

    And you know like you and everyone else, I've tried to talk to him about it, discuss it and even fight it out but it just comes down to square one.

    In some stuff the silent treatment worked well and for the things for which even that is not working, I get hyper about them. And those are the ones I mentioned in my post.

  3. In the ocean of good things, there are a few drops that may discolor the pristine blue a bit, but can never overwhelm it!

    Best Wishes.

  4. hehe! There we go.
    Even I was thinking about doing a frustration post. But how could I, considering the lot of things MC does for me? In fact, nobody is perfect. And counting your blessings is healthier. :)

  5. Bhuwan : What a dramatic way of conveying yoru views :D

    Stone : Ohh ..they were never affected. Services were on as ever with smoke coming out my ears at the same time :D

    Asha : :D

  6. Thank God for the white balancing the greys. :-) Guess you're feeling slightly better after spewing out all your frustration.

    and yeah- he comes across as a pretty supportive husband

  7. I think I missed watching your earlier fights...
    But yes, its a fact that we fight with people we love the most :)

    This post is oozing LOVE :P

  8. wow... ! i guess its the best to accept person as they are.. with their vices n their virtues.. u can't have them differntly. life wud be so boring if that happened.!!

  9. I gguess no one is perfect. I can come up with a laundry list of cribs about the dear husband but I wouldn't swap him for the world.

  10. JLT, WIAN, Dev, Rohini : Yes, there are the good sides and not so good sides to every person. I'm user if given a chance my hubby would be able to easily list out the things he hates about me.

    But again, I also have the right to crib about things..right?

    And Rohini, as you said : I wouldn't swap him for the world! :D

    Its the perfect love and hate relationship between us :D

  11. He lets you sleep on during weekends!!ok,I think that itself is a big plus point for your hubby:)I think it's the small thoughtful things done which really count.

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  13. GOOD, bad and the ugly!!
    It's part of the package deal ;)

    All the best.