Friday, July 20, 2007

Being judgemental!

Having been tagged by ITW on things/people/traits that make me judgemental about them. Now that will really require some thinking. So here a I start with no clue how and where it will take me to :D
  1. I judge people with their voices on phone. Weird..right? Its a habit since god knows when. I try to imagine the person and the personality by talking to the person on phone. And the results have been 50-50 :P

  2. I judge people by their hand writings. Its a habit which I try to avoid but somehow end up doing it anyways. In college days I was enticed by this book into handwriting analysis which I chanced upon in our college library and I actually went out and bought it. I never read through it completely and its still lying around in the house easily accessible as I always think "Someday I will start reading it again!". Anyhow, so whatever I had read and understood, using that knowledge I try to analyse hand writings of people and judge them.

  3. I try to judge people basis their feet. Don't go :O. Hehehe.. Whether its men or women, and they needn't be pedicured or nail painted (for women). If they are not clean and look totally unkempt I get judgemental.
  4. I get negatively judgemental about people who want opinion of at least 10 other people before going forward to doing/buying/deciding something.
  5. I get judgemental about people who try to give me unsolicited advice as if they are pro at it and were born with the perfection.
  6. I get judgemental about people who love picking out the negatives in things/people. They feel very elated and proud about it.
  7. I get judgemental about those people who think the way they do is the only good way to do it. Nothing else is good enough.
  8. I get judgemental about people who delay the PAYMENTS they owe to me! :P
  9. I get judgemental about people who never ever praise me :P (its the truth)
  10. I get judgemental about myself when I see my house in a mess.

I guess these are the top 10 and the most important things which I can think as of now.

So now I pass the tags onto
Stone, Manasi, Swati to tell us what they get judgemental about.


  1. I'm judgemental about people who link my name to some other blog :-)
    just kidding :-)

  2. stone : You better pick the tag or I'll get judgemental about you too! :P

  3. ohh bhabhi i get judgemental about lotsa things... ask bhuwan :-) will try to make this one interesting :-)


  4. lol... I have a lot of them :(
    Bad handwriting!

    Maybe I will compensate for that by praising you. Oh NM, You write soooooooooo well :D
    No, I mean it! I like reading your posts!

  5. Manasi : Waiting to read your post on it :D

    WIAN : Thanks for the compliment! I'm on cloud nine! Hehehehe....

  6. Good one ..btw..i was already tagged on this by JLT. Have done the post.Thank you for this :)

    Do let me know what do you think about my voice and my handwriting .. :)

    And to remind you have another one pending on Indian Writing.