Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yet another tag - Indian Authors that I've read!

This is one tag from Swati that I kept avoiding as much as I could. Avoiding? Why? Because it required me to put some effort on my brain! :P

Its true..I kept postponing it as it required really thinking but today I thought its been pushed aside way too long. Let me get done with it. So here are the Indian authors that I have read or read -
  1. Just Like That - I read it first few months ago and really liked it. I like her style of writing.
  2. Babies Anonymous - I like her matter-of-fact style of writing. Only thing I wish was that her blog had a more legible background color. The dark blue color makes it difficult to read for long.
  3. My Random Thoughts - She writes down to earth and straight from heart posts. Things that anyone can relate to. And I like her because she visits my blog quite often and gives her views too.
  4. Mama Says So - Her writings are not regular which I really wish were. But whatever we get to read from her is nice, heartfelt and quite interesting.
  5. Whats in my mind!!! - One of the person's who kind of was responsible (along with DH) for starting my own blog. She also doesn't write to much often but its what she genuinely feels about. So that's why I read her writings too.
  6. The Mad Momma - She writes really good and its very rare that I don't check on her blog to see if there's anything to read about. You don't go there one day and you have tons of posts to catch up on.
  7. Art Navy - Very creative and keeps you amused with her writings.
  8. Winkies Ways - Another creative writer who through her writings gives us ideas how to juggle two kids so well and how to keep them amused and busy too!
  9. Moppet Tales - Interesting tales to read from this author about Moppet. She can be so funny at times.
  10. Kodimeow Kronicles - She Writes about a boy called 'Kodi' who is all the time doing some mischief and keeping her on toes and giving her food for thought to write about :D

There are lot more Indian authors that I read but the list was getting too long so I stopped here :D And I decided not to tag anyone here as almost everyone I know on this blog world and wanted to tag are already tagged by someone else. But I will still see if any of the following people pick up the tag on from me - Tina Says, Minka and...I guess that's it :D

A request : Please don't kill me after reading my tag! I REALLY do not remember any names of any Indian author that I've read except for short stories in our school books and those names are long forgotten. My memory of books brings out the names of Sherlock Holmes, The Famous Five, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Mills & Boons, Agatha Christie and authors such as Sidney Sheldon, Ayn Rand, Jeffrey Archer, Robin Cook etc.!


  1. Perfect..thats like you !! I definitely expected something of this sort from you , creative and unique.. :) You did not let me down :D

  2. hehe :) funny take on the tag!
    thank you for bestowing the honor of an 'author'. that's going on my resume right now :)

  3. Wow!! thank you. :-)It feels very nice to be appreciated.

    And may I say that I really like your style too- esp. on this post!

  4. LOL ! I became an Indian Author now ! :) Thanks, and I shall work on the background template !

  5. You know what you just did?
    MADE MY DAY :)

    Thanks, NM..... deserving or undeserving ... i feel great:)

  6. Swati : Thanks! You are truly sounding like a parent :D

    Kodimeow and Poppins : Ofcourse you are authors! We all are in our own worlds! :D We are the not-yet-discovered authors by the offline publishing world! But who needs them anyways...right?

    JLT : Thanks! You know I'm quite surprised that instead of being hammered on for being a spoilsport I'm getting such compliments!!

    WIAN : That comment from you made my day too!

  7. LOL! Now that's what I call a twist in the tag!