Thursday, July 5, 2007


I recently heard about this energy saving method by Google called "Blackle". Well the concept, from what I understood, is that since the background is black on the pages, it used lesser energy as any given monitor requires more energy/power to display a white which is nothing but a light than a black or a dark screen.

When you think about it, it seems quite amusing and interesting and you say, if that can save energy why not give it a try? I tried but I didn't feel comfortable after a few minutes. Comfortable? About what? About no need to save energy or in the truthfulness of the whole concept?

Well, I don't know scientifically how right or wrong the whole idea is but for me as a general person it strained my eyes way too much! They started to hurt after a while. It requires too much concentration and focusing to read on a black background. I dunno if it does to you too!

And then I actually realised that whatever blog links I used to chance upon from the blog sites I frequented, I used to generally close them the moment I saw a black background in them.

On other thoughts, is this an optimal method of saving energy? Aren't there other better ways to do it? Some might say, there has to be a start somewhere and why not this. I do and will try to save energy in whatever other ways I can. But sorry guys,
"Blackle" is not for me! Definitely not!

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  1. Totally agree with you, with black background 'Google' loses creditability to me :-)
    And I too hate black backgroud blogs, coz its difficult to read them from office :-)