Monday, July 23, 2007

Cheeni Kum

I saw 'Cheeni Kum' on saturday night. After having heard more of negative reviews than positive, still I wanted to see it. Why? I don't know. Probably because I love the title track of the movie. Yes it may sound as quite weird a reason but its true. There are many a times I watch movies because I really liked some sequence of a movie during trailers. For e.g even after hearing that 'Kisna' was a flop, I still wanted to watch it and did sit down to watch it because I loved the sequence where they show a girl dancing with light streaming from some opening in the wall. Well, they didn't show the girl as such but just her toes and her skirt twirling around. Its another story that I never could watch the movie for more than 20 mins. Yes it was that boring. :P

So, coming back to Cheeni Kum, my verdict is that 'I LOVED IT'. It was quite humorous with bits of romance dabbed in. Tabu looked as beautiful as ever and AB looked great too. I think he did justice to his role quite quite good. And 'Zohra Sehgal' carried out her role to the perfection as ever! She is simply marvellous. Although her role in the movie was quite limited but something that no one can miss out at all. She's one gem of an artist for sure.

I loved the nicknames Tabu and Ab had given to each other in the movie. Tabu would call AB as 'ghaas-phoos' because AB was a vegetarian in the movie and AB would call Tabu as 'Tangri kebab' because she loved chicken. That's how they had even stored each other's numbers in their cellphones. :D

And that reminds me of the drama that ensued in this real world about usage of nickname 'Sexy' in the movie. There's a little girl in the movie who is a neighbour of AB and he calls her 'Sexy'. He adores that little girl. So the drama was about the fact that he agrees to showing her 'A' movies because she's dying of blood cancer and its her wish to see them before she dies. So the hulla-gulla was about what kind of morals are we trying to pass on through this movie by accepting a child's wish to see 'A' movies. And somehow all the hulla-gulla kind of related the term 'A' movies to porn movies. I seriously couldn't perceive why did they relate to just those kinds? For a child of 6-7 yrs of age, even horror movies are 'A'. And for that matter any movie having lots of action or usage of bad words becomes an 'A' movie. Its quite funny to think of it that when you say 'A' movies, people typecast it to only one particular kinds.

Although the end of the movie was a bit stretched out when Paresh Rawal, Tabu's father in the movie, goes on hunger strike because Tabu, 34 yrs, wants to marry AB, 64yr old. For sometime in the beginning it seemed funny but then it got boring when the drama continued too long. But I guess in real world also marriage related emotional dramas are not short either :D

So to wrap it off, its a good movie to watch which me and DH thoroughly enjoyed. Now next on my list is to watch 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' despite hearing bad BAD reviews about it That's me which I'm sure you know by now :P :D


  1. I liked the movie Cheeni Kum too. JBJ u can enjoy if you dont ask too many questions :)
    I wanted to see Partner knowing how lousy it is :D

  2. I too wanna see both ..lets see when.

  3. what coincidence! I saw it this weekend too and I loved it. esp the no-nonsense attitude of all characters like Tabu's reactions to her father's blackmailing..
    the whole movie felt down to earth without that mushy-mushy romance. cheeni kum is a good attitude for all of bollywood to adopt!

  4. I'll call it one of the movies which start with a good intent but in between looses steam, director gets carried away and fails to hold the story together!

    Btw, title song is too good, I used it here once :-)

  5. WIAN : we all need to let our hair down once in a while and also see non-sensical movies!

    Swati :: Hope you watch it soon.

    Kodi's Mom : Agree with you. In any other mvoies, she would have broken in to her father's emotional blackmail that very minute.

  6. Stone : Thanks..I will borrow those lyrics from your blog to add to this post :D